Why We Need the Help of Financial Advisor for Bankruptcy Cases

Posted by TittleFinancial on May 27th, 2019

It is responsible for analyzing the circumstances that have occurred, happen or may happen to your client. Once these contingencies have been analyzed, it will elaborate the client's risk profile, as well as their needs, and will carry out the investment recommendations that it deems appropriate, advising according to the circumstances and needs that may arise, and adapting them to the current moment.

One of the fundamental aspects of a financial adviser is its relationship with the client, since this is based on the degree of confidence that he has with it. The financial advisor should look after the interests of the client as if they were his own. Therefore, the adviser must always offer independence and objectivity in all recommendations, contemplating the long term and must also create, cultivate and maintain a close relationship with his client. A financial adviser usually has a higher degree, corresponding to the field of Economic Sciences, such as, economy, administration and business management and even accounting, although it is true that you can also have graduate degrees in Finance or Capital Markets.

Role of the Public Accountant in Case of Fraudulent Bankruptcy in Commercial Companies:

The contribution of this research lies, in the description about the role of the Bankruptcy Accountant in commercial companies, demonstrating that the function of the public accountant is to decide on the Financial Statements of commercial companies that request it, as well as the statements of account involved in an expertise and accounting expert in mercantile companies in bankruptcy. Your participation is of vital importance to ensure a thorough investigation of the financial situation of the company and present objective and reliable reports. Through the investigation it became necessary to review previous studies on the subject, as well as specialized bibliography; presenting the difficulty of not finding background of degree work on specific cases of fraudulent bankruptcy, resulting in a limitation for the realization of this work. A simulation of a fraudulent Bankruptcy Advisory is presented in a fictitious company where the procedures to be followed are reflected, from the moment the merchant makes the delay request until the judge decides whether or not it should proceed.

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