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Posted by Albsoft on May 27th, 2019

If we decide to set up an ice cream parlour, we must be very clear about the choice of ice cream exhibitors that will be what your customers see as soon as they enter your premises and they will have to decide what to consume in it.

Faced with a bad choice of ice cream showcase, the product can be spoiled, losing its properties, crystallizing or melting. None of these things will help keep the product in condition.

Read below about the product and its presentation in ice cream showcase.

Efcarretinos Ice Cream Cart

The presentation of the product is essential, since in an ice cream parlour the first thing your customers will be fixing will be in your display case. There are many types of display cabinets which allow showing the customer the full range of ice cream that we have, they are practical and easy to clean.

Inside the frozen showcases we can find fixed and refrigerated pieces that can be both outside and inside.

The Ice cream truck Services are very practical thanks to its mobile capacity that allows you to carry it and move it wherever you want.

There are multiple designs that adapt to any business or design that we have decided to choose.


The temperature range required by an ice cream display case is between -14ºC and -16ºC, the ice cream showcases are manufactured with a double ventilation so that the cold inside does not escape.

In this way you control the temperature at all times.


Size is important when taking Ice cream truck Rental. Since a too large would be unnecessary and we would also spend too much energy, on the contrary a very small would not be ideal since we would be short.

The measurements of the space that we have will also have to take them into account, measure the available space and leave at least a free space on the side of the showcase so that the air flows and we have no later problems by the ventilation of the showcase ice cream.


Hygiene in the world of hospitality and commerce is essential. In addition, ice cream showcases are prepared to be disassembled so that cleaning can be simple and efficient.

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