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Posted by sandeep on May 27th, 2019

After the Modi government got a huge majority, it was obvious that stock market will give a good bounce. On May 23, 2019, the index of Indian stock market Nifty, touched its highest level. Nifty has made a long jump and has achieved a level of 12000. By the way Nifty took a long leap after the exit poll were announced and the market was bullish with the recovery of 400 points.

The way stock market welcomed the new government it was certain, because the seeds which were sown in previous five years will give it’s fruits in coming five years. GST or demonetization, market has taken all shocks in last five years and the investors have taken all these considering these as a bitter medicine. The government took several steps in view of the bad condition of the banks and the biggest achievement of the Modi Government was that the government has kept a check on inflation.

The election of the Lok Sabha 2019 was the first election in which there was no inflation issues. In the last five years, RBI has reduced repo rate 9 times and it was increased by 2 times. Repo rate was 8% on 8th January 2014 and now it is at 6%. The reduction in the repo rate has directly impacted the general public and the rates of loan has seen a decline. The government also took firm steps against fake companies and thousands of fake companies were locked.

The new government will have special focus on the infrastructure, as well as work such as cleaning of Ganga which was not completed by the previous government also will be in focus. The Modi Government passed the RERA law last time which was very useful for controlling the high real estate prices. Still there is a lot of work to be done in this sector and it is expected that many concrete and sound measures will be taken in this sector.One attention of the government has also been to reduce the consumption of crude oil, which has seen a surge in many stocks of the chemical sector last time, and this time as well it is expected that special attention will be given to this sector. Methanol as a substitute for crude oil and implementation of the methanol policy will be one of the major goals of the government.The Government is looking for many options as a source of energy and the way the focus was given to the solar energy in the previous government the same is expected at this time. Not only the solar energy but also the battery powered vehicles, bio gas, electric powered vehicles will be in focus this time. The government will pay special attention in developing for alternate source of energies.
The government will also pay special attention to water transport and the work done by the previous government for water transport was appreciable and this time expansion of projects will be the priority of the government. The manner in which the previous government did the restoration of railways there is a possibility of major changes in railways in the coming five years.

The Modi government has always been emphasizing on make in India and FDI investment and this time also measures will be taken to attract FDI investment. Make in India and FDI investment will also compensates the shortage of employment.

The village and farmers have been very crucial behind the success of the government. The government has taken many steps for the farmers but they are not enough and this time the government will definitely have something for the welfare of the farmers. So agriculture related sector will be buzzing in next five years.

The previous government of Modi came in power with hope and the government stood up on many expectations but to fulfill all the remaining hopes this government will work with full power. This time the formation of the government is less on hopes and more on faith because the people of the country have seen the work of the last five years. The way the government has returned with majority if we conclude that the public has a full faith in the government and they are expecting some good days in future then it is not wrong.

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