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Posted by Berry sasa on May 27th, 2019

The common saying goes, you are what you say. This is the same principle that is applied with the whatsapp status your application bears. See, basically, your status is like the first impression you make to everyone who takes some time to view your profile or basic information. With the availability of the ability to do a status update on whatsapp, you are able to express your feelings, emotions or communicate a specific message to a specific person somewhere. Ranging from books, famous quotes and sayings, movies and more, you may put out a cool whatsapp status to entertain your contact list.

Cool WhatsApp Status For Starting A Conversation.

In as much as having a cooler whatsapp status than your friends may make you famous, there is a much greater influence that you may not know. For instance, if you are job seeking, did you know that your whatsapp status could be a contributing factor of whether or not you get employed? Creepy right? Well, this is why. As already stated, your whatsapp status is like the first impression to anyone who comes into your contact list. Some employers will easily evaluate your capabilities depending on the kind of statuses you post. Some firms require you to be very proficient in your communication and carry yourself out with at most integrity. Therefore, if your whatsapp status is of the contrary, it may cost you an employment opportunity.

 Download sad whatsapp status video

The good news however is that today, there are several online websites that provide you with the coolest whatsapp statuses like never before. Admit it, sometimes; your mind may go totally blank. These are some of those days when your life is completely emotionless. In as much as you may use this opportunity to brainstorm and come up with a super amazing status, sometimes you just can’t. In such a situation, all you would need to do is browse online and get suggestions that could give you a clue of what it is you are feeling. Who knows, you may update a status that might change the remaining part of your emotionless day to a high spirited one.

Furthermore, if you are the kind of person who has an artistic mind, so that, all your thoughts and experiences can be drafted to form sophisticated pieces of quotes, you might want to make use of those skills to help others. While it may be very easy for you to get a cool WhatsApp status and publish it to your contacts, someone somewhere may be going through hell. Take up the chance to advance your artistic skills by submitting some of these quotes to websites. You may even start up your own website and did you know that you can use those skills in your free time, have some fun and earn some extra cash? Well, now you know.

Truly though, why would any normal person want to have their statuses as

Hi there, I am using what’s app,’ when there is too much going on in the country?

The logic of the inception of whats app had to be adding more fun to the social networking arena. It is meant to get people talking to each other and discussing issues of relevance to them. Therefore, despite having a cool WhatsApp Quote to provide an amazing reception to your friends, you would use your WhatsApp status to spike a conversation among your friends. This would be very efficient in getting views on some topics in your friend’s perspective. In addition to that, if you had a closed forum with a group of other people, you would use an amazing status to provide daily inspirations or mottos to keep each other going.

There could never be an end to the upsides of putting up a good WhatsApp status in your profile. Depending on the kind of things you like and the kind of a person you are, don’t be afraid to explore some of your imaginations and put them down in writing. Treat your WhatsApp like a personal letter you write to the world to let Mother Nature know what kind of things you are thankful for, those you don’t like and those you would wish for. Again, remember to post only the things you are comfortable about letting the other people know because, in the long run, what you say online today may be used against you at a later date. In the meantime, keep surprising them with the best WhatsApp statuses.

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