Rising Prominence of ADAS to Support Growth of Automotive Windshield Market

Posted by Arslan on May 27th, 2019

   The “Automotive Windshield Market Forecast, Trend Analysis and Competition Tracking – Global Review 2017-2022” is an unbiased intelligence report revealing key facets of the automotive windshield market. Extensive analysis on all segments of automotive windshield market is provided in the report. Assessment on use of automotive windshield in passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and heavy commercial vehicles is included in the research report. Moreover, use of various materials in automotive windshield such as glass and polycarbonate along with analysis on distribution channels such as OEMs and aftermarket is covered in the report. The report gives a brief outlook on demand and sales of automotive windshield across key regions of North America, Latin America, Japan, Europe, Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ) and Middle East and Africa (MEA) during the period of assessment, 2017-2022. The study circles around current trends and new developments in the automotive windshield space and compares historical data and current market scenario to provide future projections.

Innovation has always been a fundamental part of car design since the very beginning. From sensors embedded in the windshield to infrared glass and automatic sunroofs, automotive windshield has witnessed a paradigm shift. Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk has been grabbing headlines for innovation in the automotive industry with the cutting edge Tesla Model X which gives drivers and passengers an unparalleled viewing experience. One of the standout features was the panoramic windshield which is regarded as the largest all-glass windshield available today.

Automotive innovation mostly incorporates applying technology developed in other industries. With respect to smart glass, sophisticated glazing techniques was inspired from commercial building suppliers. Smart windshield has grown in traction as it emboldens drivers to threshold the sunlight coming into the car with merely the touch of a button. Besides, it has transformed the view of the road, highlighting warning about collisions, lane markers and showing navigational arrows on the pavement.

Though at a nascent stage, wiper-free windshield is slated to take over the automotive windshield market. Mercedes-Benz already took one small step by integrating the windshield fluid delivery system directly into the wiper and eradicating the windshield spray jets on its SL sports car  Meanwhile, McLaren vies to borrow military technology and go a step further, doing away with the wiper altogether.

The popularity of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) has risen significantly as it is being integrated in the windshield of the vehicles to propel driver safety. The ADAS is embedded to infrared camera which extends driver’s vision at night and with the help of radar technology it can detect crash. Furthermore, there is growing traction on developing augmented reality with the application of internet of things (IoT). This will help passengers and drivers to make calls with passengers of different vehicles on a real-time basis. Al these present a sanguine picture for the pertinent players in automotive windshield market.

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Automotive Windshield Market: Overview

This report presents a robust analysis on automotive windshield market with the support of quantitative and qualitative analysis. The report reveals the dynamics of the market, including drivers, opportunities, trends and restraints which have significant influence in the growth of the market. The report also includes segregation of the market to offer an in-depth analysis of the automotive windshield.

The report encompasses executive summary followed by market overview section. The automotive windshield market overview section deals with value chain analysis, key trend analysis and Porters’ Five Force Analysis. Porters’ Five Force Analysis gives insights on competitive scenario of the market. The report also includes the market attractiveness analysis along with market outlook. The report also includes pricing analysis and market volume projections. Further, the report provides holistic approach on consumer behavior analysis and major distributors’ lists. The report also provides assessment on supply chain and cost structure analysis along with pricing analysis.

Augmented Reality in Automotive Windshield – A New Trend

Technology giants are focusing on developing AR (Augmented Reality) in automotive windshield of vehicles with the use of Internet of Things (IoT). With augmented reality in automotive windshields, drivers and passengers can conduct calls with passengers in different vehicles on a real time basis. For instance, Apple Inc., has filed a patent for its “Heads-Up Display” – an automotive windshield powered by augmented reality. This automotive windshield can conduct FaceTime calls with visual communication between remotely situated user and vehicle occupant.

Technological Integrations Likely to Complicate Automotive Windshield Replacement

Manufacturers of automotive windshield are inclined toward incorporating new technologies in automotive windshield in a bid to enhance customer experience and safety. However, integration of technologies such as ADAS makes it difficult during replacement of automotive windshield as equipment and sensors they are linked with need to be accurately calibrated so as to maintain the compatibility quotient with vehicle system. Replacing of automotive windshield with ADAS incurs high cost as all sensors must be replaced and installed in the new glass along with accompanying equipment. Inaccurate installments can cause malfunction misleading the driver ultimately resulting in accidents. This factor remains a key challenge for the aftermarket for automotive windshield.

Automotive Windshield Market: Competitive Landscape

The automotive windshield market report offers a thorough assessment on several key players operating in the market. The market for automotive windshield covers key aspects revolving around the competition, including but not limited to SWOT analysis, key developments and innovations, product portfolio, mergers and acquisitions and key financials. Using this comprehensive compilation, the reader can gain valuable insight using which future moves can be planned and executed to achieve sustenance and competitive edge. The report on automotive windshield market includes profiles of major companies including Saint-Gobain SA, Asahi Glass Co. Ltd., Fuyao Glass Industry Group Co. Ltd., Nippon Sheet Glass Co. Ltd., Guardian Industries, and Safelite Auto Glass.

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