The Difference between Wireless Ultrasound Scanner and Traditional Scanners

Posted by Garza Flora on May 27th, 2019

An ultrasound scanner is a device designed for health and sports sector such as emergency clinical, surgery, and diagnostic. The problem of the traditional ultrasound scanner is a big size and sophisticated system. To overcome this problem, a company named Sifsof offers a new device known as a wireless ultrasound scanner. The information below shows the difference between this latest ultrasound scanner and the traditional one. 


One of the significant differences is on size. This latest ultrasound scanner is designed in compact size than the traditional device. The doctors are able to carry the device anywhere and anytime they want including bringing it outside the hospital.


Due to the small size, the ultrasound scanner is supported by the latest system which meets the needs in a modern era. For example, the device is designed compatible with a variety of modern devices such as iPhone, Android, and iPad. The technology of this device provides the image quality as a traditional ultrasound scanner.


A wireless ultrasound scanner is also developed along with several features. One of them is a WiFi ultrasound scanner. Because of this feature, the doctors or anyone who uses this device is able to transfer data to the third party such as physicians in real time. As a result, the physicians are able to make a diagnosis right away in the high level of accuracy. There is also a feature to scan images instantly on mobile devices. This latest feature allows users can transfer important data anywhere around the world.


The functions of this device are including scanning specific parts of the body including thyroid, breast, nerve, vascular, and many more. It is due to the ability of the ultrasound scanner which can scan up to 20mm to 55mm depth. A wireless portable ultrasound scanner offers a flexible scanning anywhere and anytime. To support this function, the device is powered by a battery which can be used for 3 hours to 6 hours.

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