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Best Cheap Web Hosting Providers | today everyone is talking about making money from the internet. The growth in the online world is like never before. And now everyone wants to make his business presence and wants to visible his business on every search engine .so before entering in this online world you need to have a website first which should be useful for your user and search engine too. So as we all know that two essential thing needs to appear online. One domain name and a fast and cheap web hosting. 

One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to building a website is why one needs a website. To begin with, a website is a powerful marketing tool. For many business organizations and companies, it is the only source of running the business. If done properly, a well-built website plays a major role in brand growth and development.

The idea of building a great website revolves around functionality, design, and hosting. Where many businesses and brand hire services of video animation company to make the web interface interactive and attention-capturing, getting a physical location for your website in the landscapes of the internet is the core necessity.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is an online service that enables you to publish and post on web pages on the internet. A hosting service provider offers you some of the advanced technologies that are needed to making our web content go live on the internet. These service providers have a data center where all the relevant web data, information, and content resides. Web hosting is typically evaluated in terms of the allotted disk space of the server and the total bandwidth assigned for data transfer and server access. The more pages, items, and content you have on your website, the more disk space you will require.

To simplify the concept, web hosts provide you with high-tech servers that are used to deliver the web pages and content to the online audience. In its essence, servers are storehouses of web data and content that enable your site to connect with different browsers–your website is connected to the online audience only because of this server. However, the chief target of the web hosts is to keep the server free from malicious malware.

Categories of Web Hosting

This type of hosting provides you with complete control over the server on which your website is stored. The server is for your exclusive use and no other website can share the memory, computing power and storage space of that server. From security to website administration, you are in control of everything. However, dedicated servers cost more than all the other available hosting options and it requires the expertise of highly-trained and professional management to install and manage the dedicated server.

  • VPS hosting

In Virtual Private Server, you share the same server with other clients, but the web hosts allocate different segment of the server for your website needs and requirements. This provides you with reserved computing and memory space and power. VPS hosting is an excellent option for medium-sized businesses that have rapidly developed sites.

  • WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting is a type of web hosting designed especially for the WordPress site owners. In managed WordPress hosting all the aspects and features of running a WordPress site is administered by the service provider. Factors like security, speed, uptime, updates, and scalability are some of the technical aspects that you no longer have to worry about in WordPress hosting. The fastest WordPress hosting has all the necessary plugins, page builders, developer tools, and optimized site configuration.

The best WordPress hosting services are low cost and beginner-friendly, which comes with easy and simple installation and improved customer support.

Considerations for a good web hosting plan

The basic aspects of a hosting plan provided by some of the best yet cheapest web hosting site are mentioned below

  • Disk space

Every hosting service provider offers a certain amount of disk space on which your web files and content are stored. Having a calculated estimate about the required disk space for emails, files, and databases you can easily assess and evaluate the total disk space that you might require for your website.

  • Data transfer and bandwidth

Data transfer is all about the amount of data being transferred every month, whereas bandwidth is concerned with the amount of data transferred per unit time. Lesser bandwidth contributes to slower site loading speed. Higher bandwidth can drain the resources for other sites on the server 

  • Control panel

A well-built control panel is equipped with tools for uploading content, managing different web pages and domains, FTTP accounts, add-on domains, site statistics, virus protection, and tools for upholding privacy and security

  • Uptime

Guaranteed uptime means that the website is available and accessible at all times. Guaranteed uptime is based on server uptime, service uptime, network uptime, and 24/7 support.

  • Domain name

Your domain should be a unique one on the World Wide Web. Once a domain name is registered it is available for use for a certain period of time that could be of one year or could be extended. Domain should be refreshed before the registration expires.

How to choose from the available hosting options?

Now that you know all the basic know-how about web hosting, you might have an idea about what type of hosting you are looking for. The problem of choosing the best hosting service can be boiled down to these major factors: speed, scalability, support, and security. Whether it’s about choosing the fastest hosting for WordPress or cheap web hosting India, access to emails, phone support, and a wider price range are the key factors that make a great hosting service provider.

Before deciding on any service provider, understand a few aspects like

  • If you’re going for non-managed service, it means that the vendor won’t be responsible for a complete system configuration.
  • Service provider charges as per the required bandwidth and storage space, so have an estimate about the site traffic.
  • Get to know the different types of web hosting and guesstimate the category which might be ideal for your web hosting.
  • Make a thoughtful selection regarding the portable management system to avoid locking of your site to one type of host.
  • Own your domain name and earned SEO advantages as it allows you to change the service provider if need be.

Now that you are all ready to get your site live, it’s time to choose the service provider. The online world is overflowing with dozens of highly-professional and renowned hosts. Service providers like HostGatorA2 Hosting, and Bluehost, etc. are known to serve their clients with the best services.

For instance, take the example of Bluehost, not only it provides you with budget-friendly price ranges and excellent WordPress integration, but its all-inclusiveness makes it the best hosting package for small and medium-sized businesses. From one-click installation to cPanel as a management system, Bluehost guarantees zero hardware glitches and cyber-attacks and a great balance between useful customization and simplicity.

The best part about Web Hosting

Whether you run a multimillion company or small organizations, if you want a website for your venture, you need to figure out the web hosting for your site. In today’s era, with a rising in website builders, the competition in this industry is getting tougher. Despite the advent of automated website developing tools, hosts like Bluehost will continue to expand and earn more profit and revenues.

Why I'm using Bluehost web hosting for my website

Whenever some ask me for a best and cheap web hosting plan we or anything about hosting, one name first come to mind is Bluehost. When I started my career in blogging I started my first blog with GoDaddy. It was my learning period so it was ok for learning and at that time I had no Idea about how to find the best and cheap web hosting. So I think my story will incomplete without adding Bluehost in my list. And I will show you why everyone loves to host his website on the Bluehost and me also.

So its been almost 4 years to using Bluehost as a service for my personal blog and for my mine clients site to. Bluehost was founded in 1996 by Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth. Currently, Bluehost is hosting more than 2 million websites worldwide.

Bluehost is always popular for its cheap web hosting plans for shared hosting. If you are searching for the best web hosting for WordPress then this may the first choice. Because it provides dedicated hardwires for WordPress based sites. And its customer support it's also very nice  

Bluehost provides uptime of 99.94% which is very good according to experts and a fast loading always helps you to rank your website on search engines it is one of the most major factors for website ranking. The average load time of only 427 ms.

The hosting plans starting at .75/mo only. The best part of Bluehost’s hosting plans is, you will get a Free SSL certificate with this.

The support team is awesome and very interactive.

Most of the famous bloggers like Neil Patel, harsh Aggarwal recommended for Bluehost in their many youtube videos and, the world’s largest CMS WordPress recommends Bluehost. You can check the image below & click here. You can imagine the trust of the hosting provider.

The C-panel of Bluehost is very user-friendly. You can customize the C-panel according to your needs.

All Web hosting Provider Comparison

I have discussed and analyzed the most famous  5 best web hosting providers. All web hosting provider has almost the same features. So I summarise them in a tabular form for better understanding. It will also help you with getting a better cheap web hosting plan

I have discussed all the points individually. So for better understanding purpose let’s put their features in a table. This may give you a clear vision to figure out the best among the best.

Now I think you may have clear clarity in choosing the best and cheap web hosting service providers

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