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Posted by John Smith on May 27th, 2019

Sailing on a sailboat is not for everyone since it requires certain skills and has notions of sailing. For example, you have to know how to adjust and change the sails according to the direction of the wind.

If for you this is not any type of impediment then we tell you what types of sailing boats you could rent to spend a day of fun at sea. You can rent this type of boat with a skipper if you do not have any type of title to be able to handle it by yourself.

Sailing boat:

This type of sailing vessels usually measures between 4 and 9 meters in length overall. They have an open bathtub with 1 or 2 candles. Some can carry a small outboard motor for low wind days or to maneuver at the entrance to the port.

Cruising sailboats:

These sailboats are quite more complex than the previous ones. Its size from 9 meters in length and can reach up to 20 meters. They are large and can be used to navigate since they are well equipped and live in them during some season. In their cabins, we have all kinds of amenities to navigate several days without having to go ashore to refuel.

Sailboats of racing:

Sailboats for racing or competition are something different. These already require a deep knowledge of the world of sailing and enough experience in the handling of this type of boats. There are several types of racing sailboats such as lightweight.

As you can see rent a yacht can be a very good option, if you already have previous knowledge of sailing. You can enjoy long trips across the ocean without having to stop at any port.

Motor yacht charter:

Another type of boats very demanded when we want to rent a motor yacht charter is that of the motorboats. This is due to the great variety and versatility that they are. They are multifunctional, they serve for sailing, fishing, having fun, sunbathing, walking, for sports such as water skiing and many more functions.

What these types of yacht charter usually have in common is that they are boats to use during the day and open design to accommodate many people.

With this type of boat, the speed is assured, like the sun on your face and splashing water, this is because motor boats are also characterized by being poorly protected with cabins or awnings.

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