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Posted by Sarah Addyson on May 28th, 2019

A China butterfly valve is used to regulate flow, being a quarter-turn valve. The regulation of liquid flow is allowed due to intermediate rotations. There are some features that make the item quite used, especially since it is similar to a ball valve. Some notable advantages include size, being small they can open and close very fast, when they are actuated pneumatically. Compared with the ball, the disc is lighter and this means that the valve requires less support. Among other benefits are precision, making them very useful in industrial applications. Reliability is another plus and the little maintenance required.

It happens in many cases to install the China butterfly valve in a certain location that is inaccessible. This means that people are unable to reach it easily, especially in case something occurs. Little maintenance is a big plus, when you come to think about those situations and that it is not needed to pay much attention to it.  As for the operation method, butterfly valves can be operated electronically, pneumatically or manually. Each of them have a variety of features as well. For instance, pneumatic valves operate most rapidly, while the electronic models need a signal in order to close or open. The most basic one is the manual-operated valve, requiring a person on-site to manage the mechanism.

Automated pneumatic butterfly valves are indeed the most durable and the most efficient. Operating costs are reduced due to reduced wear that improves cycle lifetime. Not to mention that otherwise long working hours would be required to maintain the valves. There are no narrow spaces where fluids can get stuck. As for applications, they are most suited for large fluid flows of gases and liquids that have low pressures. On the same page, they are also suited for liquids with suspended solids. With so many characteristics, it is no wonder why so many people choose them for piping systems and why they are ideal for various applications and flows. Next, the key factor is choosing the purchasing location and a trusted butterfly valve manufacturer.

There are many factors to keep in mind when choosing a butterfly valve manufacturer, especially if you care about quality, customer satisfaction and you want peace of mind knowing that after installation there will be no unexpected situations and errors. Many suppliers and manufacturers advertise their catalogue online these days and this is an excellent idea, as clients are able to see who provides the products they require and they can get in touch for more details upon each of them. Some manufacturers can design bespoke valves, to meet more specific and complex requirements, in case clients have special requests and they are unable to find a valve already on the market.

Some key points to look after include experience in the field, if the manufacturer is certified and can prove it, in what they specialize, if employees are trained and dedicated, meeting all quality and safety standards, delivery time, what type of orders they take in, if they need to be large or smaller orders are accepted as well. Obtaining quotes is also a good idea, to find out exactly how much you are supposed to pay for the order, if shipping costs are included and if there are any additional taxes. Getting in touch with a manufacturer is a good idea to discuss all details and receive all the answers to be able to take the final decision.

The good news is that the online environment is a very good source and you can even find companies established overseas. Actually, there are good chances to obtain better prices and better quality as well. Expanding your horizons is the key, you never know when someone out there is able to supply the needed products and exceed your expectations.

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