What Factors Affect Social Development in Early Childhood

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The study shows that more than 150 million children each year are underdeveloped and are not able to get their growth potential. Children are very vulnerable and if they are unable to socially developed according to their age then it may affect their whole life. A child doesn’t know what’s good and bad for him so it’s the responsibility of parents to grow and develop their child in the nest and most favourable environment. There are many factors that affect a child’s development, so we have put together a list the top 10 most affecting factors and also how to prevent them.

Most Important Factors Affecting Child's Development

  1. Nutrition

Nutrition is by far the most affecting factor because if the child doesn’t get proper nutrition according to their age, then it will affect their mental as well as physical growth and development. It is also necessary for the pregnant woman to get a proper diet and rest so that the newborn baby will be healthy and not underweight. After birth breastfeeding is very important so parents can consult doctors for a good and healthy diet for the mother and child. If a child falls short of nutrients it may affect his immune system, motor skills, and cognitive skills. So make sure that before the child’s birth mother has a good and healthy diet and after birth for both them.

  1. Parental Behaviour

If a child gets happy and positive behavior then he will be more socially developed than the children with abusive and with negative behavior parents. A children’s mind is always learning about the things around him so if he sees his parents happy and positive behavior then he also will be happy and positive towards life. Parents should talk to their children, play with them and helps children in learning new things, in that way that the child will have his parents support all the time. So always take some time to spend with your children. Good communication between children and their parents is the key to better development of childhood.

  1. Environment

When a child is growing the environment around him like his family, the society and, the school has also a great impact on his development. A child going to a good and expensive school with many learning resources tends to be more productive and developed than the child who goes to a small school with less learning resources. Also, the company of friends he keeps affects his development. Finally the society around him like the neighborhood and the city he lives in impacts his social development.

Parents should talk to their children about the school and his friends and also should keep regularly visit him in school. So that he always feels secure and safe outside of his house.

  1. Healthy living

Research suggests children who have a healthy and hygienic environment around them have better growth and development. Parents should keep the house clean so that the child can play around. Bring your children to parks so that they can enjoy fresh air and a change of environment. Always make sure that the child has healthy and hygienic food. Give a bath to your child daily with their skin-friendly soap and shampoo and make a good habit in your child for brushing their teeth twice a day.

  1. Learning Environment

As discussed earlier children who have a good learning environment like at school and at home tend to be more productive and development. Research also suggests that children who have a stressful and non-learning environment tend to be shy and lacks confidence. So, parents must play with their children and help them in learning and in their studies. Making a strong learning environment helps the child deal with stress and tough times better than other children.

  1. Family Status

A family’s status defines the quality of a child’s living. A wealthy family can provide better school and nutrition to their child while a poor child may not be able to get the same quality of food and education. A well-off family can also provide many learning resources to their child at home while poor families may not be able to provide such opportunities.

  1. Social Interaction

Children who lack social interaction may develop a state of isolation in them and in adulthood, it leads to stress, depression, and anxiety. Children who have a good social interaction with his family, friends and other people around him feel confident and comfortable in groups and live a happier life. So parents should talk to their children and encourage their ideas and thoughts so that they can express themselves better.

  1. Good Habits

As we all know a child can learn faster than us so parents should start making good habits in a part of children’s development. Research suggests that a child with good habits like daily bathing, brushing his teeth daily and with good hygiene have a better immune system to fight diseases than a child with less good habits. Even children with better habits are also physically and mentally strong.

  1. Hormone growth

Studies have shown that girls have early hormone growth than boys so girls are more mature than the boys of equivalent age. Hormone growth is critical for a balanced life. Hormone growth can bring many psychological and physical changes in the child so parents should talk this through them and understand their feelings. Hormone growth can also be different according to sex and it usually comes later in boys so there is no need to be worried.

  1. Heredity


Children get most of their physical characteristics from their parents by genes. Most of their physical appearance is affected by these genes and children have almost same appearance as their parents. But heredity also brings some diseases through genes such as diabetes, heart diseases, and obesity. But by proper care and a good environment can eliminate these risks up to some extent.

These are the most common and affecting factors that contribute to children’s development. Always keep in mind that a happy and healthy family can have all positives effects on the child while the reverse is also noticable. So always give time and some space to your child so that he can grow happily.

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