How are Oriental Carpets maintained and how are they cleaned?

Posted by markwahlbargg on May 28th, 2019

An oriental carpet knotted by hand is a piece of high craftsmanship value. So that it does not deteriorate over the years, you should only take care of your carpet, and this is done in the following way:

Usually, all the original oriental carpets are washing handmade rugs. However, you should regularly suck the dirt from the carpet with a vacuum cleaner. It is much better if you do it in the direction of the lines so that the thicker particles of the dirt do not damage the velvet.

Each year, the back of the carpet should be cleaned using the vacuum cleaner. If liquid gets on the carpet, it can be absorbed with a lint-free cloth and warm water.

Carefully scrape the dry components of the liquid with a knife. In conclusion, take a damp cloth and scrub residual dirt from the fibers. When using fluids to clean the carpet, observe the effect they produce when applying them to a small area of the carpet to ensure that colors are not affected by the process, otherwise they could be stained ugly and pale in his beloved piece.

If a carpet is under the weight of large furniture, this causes that over time the velvet is subject to great pressure and takes away from. If the carpet is in a place with solar radiation, you should rotate it every couple of weeks around 180 degrees, so that the solar radiation hits the entire carpet and not just a part of it.

In principle, you should pay attention to the instructions on the care of the carpet by the manufacturer, usually found on the back of the carpet. In case of doubts, always ask an expert, like us. We help you with pleasure and we know how an oriental rug should be cleaned so that it keeps the intensity of its colors over the years.

How to collect and repair an oriental carpet?

If you are in search of Repair handmade Rug, you are here at the right place.

Of course, not only stains can form over time on an oriental rug, but they can also be affected by moths if they are not given the slightest care. Also, sharp objects, such as high-heeled shoes, exert pressure on the edges and the strips of the carpet. So that the wear does not become permanent, oriental rugs with holes and signs of wear should be repaired by an expert.

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