Furniture and Decoration Hacks for Rental Apartments

Posted by ashishdynamite5 on May 28th, 2019

Boring, thin white walls.

Awkward layouts.

Small living spaces.

Not enough windows.

No outdoor living spaces.

The list of drawbacks for rental apartment living can seem lengthy. For some people, there is no practical option besides renting an apartment, while others simply prefer apartment living to keep on top of things in a sprawling house.

It can be hard to make a rental feel like home, especially since you really can’t make any drastic changes it, not to mention it can be hard to decorate a small space. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to make your rental apartment more enjoyable while you are living there, and today we’ve got a list of quickfire and easily applicable diy rental apartment decorating for you!



The dreaded white wall. This is one thing most renters have to live with. The majority of landlords will not allow you to paint walls to express yourself. That’s OK, though – think of it as a blank canvas anyway!

You can hang art and pictures instead. If you aren’t allowed to use nails, use those removable hooks you can buy at the store. Consider peel and stick wallpaper for a bold but temporary choice. Just make sure you can remove it, so your landlord isn’t cleaning the walls once you are gone!



Rental apartments cleaning lady Bristol  don’t have the best window placements, much less attractive window coverings. If you don’t like those mini blinds, simply remove them (carefully) or cover them with inexpensive curtains. Spend time cleaning your windows so that plenty of natural light can get in well.



Most rentals have woefully inadequate storage space. While you can’t add in another closet or something, you can make the most of what you do have. Make sure you aren’t storing away a bunch of things you don’t need and organize what you keep.

Purchase some organization solutions and apartment decorating ideas, such as the cube-like furniture you can get at most retail stores. Use pretty baskets to hide things away. Store extras under beds. Get creative and you will be just fine!


Functional Furniture

Try to choose furniture that is functional as well as easy on the eye. Instead of purchasing a single sofa, consider investing in a couch that comes with the bed hidden inside of it. This way your guests won’t have to sleep on the floor.

Purchase beds with storage space beneath them. Make sure your ottomans and chests can be used as stash points, or that they can function as another piece of furniture such as a coffee table as well.



Chances are you don’t have a big yard, but that is no excuse to neglect the space. Spend time cleaning the area you do have to make it inviting. You don’t need much space at all for a nice welcome mat!


Cleaning Service

While you might not need a house cleaning service to help you make your apartment look better in the first place, it might be the wisest investment you make if you want to make sure it stays that way.  Smaller homes sometimes require a lot more cleaning because you use most of the space, unlike with bigger homes.

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