7 Reasons Why You Need Blue Light Lenses or Glasses

Posted by sofia comas on May 28th, 2019

Blue light although naturally produced by the sun as one of the many hues present in all visible light, is also produced by various digital devices such as smartphone screens, computer monitors, etc. as well as other technological light sources such as LED, fluorescent lights, compact fluorescent light bulbs, etc. The reason why blue light lenses or glasses become essential is because that blue light particularly is necessary for maintaining our sleeping and waking up cycle which in turn is responsible for both our mood and keeping our memory sharp. Here are a few more reasons why you need blue light lenses or glasses!

  1. Blue light’s biggest natural source is the sun and given the amount of time your little ones spend in the sun aside from their exposure to manmade source of blue light such as smartphones, LED lighting, televisions, etc. the amount of damage that incurs because of that is quite high and has the potential to really disturb the natural circadian rhythm if exposed to too much of the light.

  2. Our eyes, namely the lens of the eye and the cornea, have natural blockers against UV rays in order to stop them from reaching out light sensitive retinas. What these natural blockers do not protect us against though is blue light which can easily pass through and effect and damage out delicate retinas.

  3. As blue light penetrates and damages the light-sensitive cells of the retina, the damage could keep on continuing contributing to a condition known as macular degeneration thereby making it an important contributor to permanent vision loss.

  4. Post a cataract surgery, you are more vulnerable to the harmful effects of blue light so wearing eyeglasses which come with a special filter for blue light can really help you out. You can also ask your surgeon the type of IOL or Intraocular lens that will be used to replace your blurred natural lens and the amount of protection it will provide against the harmful effects of blue light.

  5. If you have long working hours in front of a computer screen, you are liable to put a lot of strain on your eyes. People with jobs concerning the constant use of blue light emitting devices should get blue light lenses or glasses to reduce the amount of strain and irritation caused.

  6. Digital eyes strain can be caused in a period as little as two hours when compared with the amount of time we spend daily on our devices. This can lead to headaches, dry eyes, and all sorts of tiredness leading to eye problems. There are special computer glasses available which work towards reducing the effects of blue light.

  7. With children increasingly being introduced to technology from a young age given that the natural barriers of their eyes are still underdeveloped, wearing photochromic lenses could prevent them from damaging their eyes. These lenses can be worn by all and are clear in low light while becoming darker as light increases.

With the increasing usage of technology and the rising awareness of its harmful effects on our eyes, anti-blue light lenses or glasses are becoming increasingly popular. With several companies providing anti-blue light glasses in Malaysia, they’re widely accessible.

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