Change Management Assignment: Discussion Of Change Management

Posted by Jaxon Smith on May 28th, 2019

What are the differences between change and transition?

In this Change Management Assignment difference between change and transition is being described. William Bridges has introduced the ‘Transition model’ which highlights the difference between change and transition. According to him, there is a subtle difference between both the terms but it is of high importance. Change occurs in the lives of people whether they agree with it or not and it can happen quite rapidly. The transition is an internal process which takes place in the minds of people when they go through the change process. The transition process takes place gradually and it is a part of the change (Burke, 2017).

In the organizational context, change is an inevitable occurrence that takes place due to various macro factors. It is a broad concept in which individuals enter the first stage of transition when they are exposed to change. People may experience various emotions due to change such as denial, fear, disorientation and uncertainty.

Transition in the business setting takes place when the change is implemented through a methodical planning, organizing, and implementation. The process begins prior to the actual change process and the senior management plays a key role as transition managers that aid the change agent. The student consigned us with this task because it was a change management Assignment holding very demanding deliverables.

Explain the elements of Change Management Plan?

Change management process encompasses the defining and implementing of the organizational strategic frameworks and procedures to have a sustainable existence in the new setting. In order to introduce an effective change in the organizational context, it is necessary to take into consideration the key elements of the change management process (Hayes, 2018).

The key elements of a successful and effective change management process described in this Change Management Assignment include planning, defining the governance model, introducing or upgrading a committed leadership, keeping the stakeholders involved in the process and aligning the overall workforce.  These elements form the very foundation of the change management process that can have a direct implication on its effectiveness in the organizational setting. The proper planning is needed to identify the goals during the change process. Since the governance model has a direct impact on the team or the core assets, a robust governance model must be established that can support the change endeavour. The leadership approach acts as an indispensable element in the change management process as they guide the new organizational behaviour. Since all the stakeholders play a vital role in the organizational setting, their involvement in the process is needed so that they can be acquainted with their new roles and responsibilities. These elements can bring about synchronization in the workplace (Hayes, 2018).

Describe the importance of communication in change management?

The communication acts as an important lever in the change management process that makes sure that all the involved participants are on the same page when something new is happening in the work setting. In order to effectively implement the change program, communication is regarded to be one of the most crucial parameters that make it possible for the members to exchange their views, ideas and opinions. The fundamental purpose of communication during the change process is to increase the awareness level of the stakeholders so that they can understand the process. It further helps to accept the changes that must be introduced in the organisational setting. Ultimately a transparent and effective communication model influences them to build their commitment towards the change management process. Thus a robust communication model can help to successfully implement change (Malek & Yazdanifard, 2012, p 1).  


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