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Posted by Seniority Golden on May 29th, 2019

Loneliness and social isolation among senior citizens is undoubtedly a major problem. Activities offered by senior citizens social group often not reach those most in need. The reasons for this are social deprivation, low self-esteem or physical inability.

Studies show that people lacking social contacts are more susceptible to diseases, to infraction, stroke and the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. At the same time, it is true that loneliness leads to social isolation and to lack of exercise, which itself delays healing processes and speeds up aging. Joining a senior citizens social group at this moment counteracting loneliness in the elderly by providing everything they need to participate in activities or in anything they fall in love with to do.

Senior citizens social group is a powerful way of connecting single seniors and providing them emotional and physical support they need from new friends, companions, and like-minded peoples. Additionally, joining senior citizens social group help the elderly and motivate them to stay fit while living Golden Years. Social interaction is one of the most important needs of human life as we all are social animals and needs to be socially active for having a meaningful engagement.

Senior citizens tend to lose their means of socialization post-retirement as the avenues to meet new people decreases after a certain age. However, joining senior citizens social groups have many benefits. Let’s check what’s in there!

Benefits Seniors Get from Joining Senior Citizens Social Groups

  • Joining senior citizens social groups help single seniors reduce their stress level to a much extent. A good conversation or the things they love to do with members of senior citizens social group assists them in attaining a health-promoting chemical which boosts the immune system. Moreover, joining senior citizens social groups promote an active lifestyle which in turn keeps diseases at bay.
  • Establishing social interaction in senior citizens social group provide opportunities to engage seniors in stimulating and purposeful activities. This results in enhancing their mental health. Research has proven that social isolation is one of the leading causes of depression in seniors. Loneliness can easily turn to feelings of worthlessness and despair. Interactions and conversations done at senior citizens social groups play a very important role in controlling negative thoughts, thereby ensuring mental wellbeing.

With changing time, the ways of social interaction are also changing. The world has turned to technology to stay engaged and connected. Encourage seniors to learn how to use senior citizens social groups to maintain their social relationships. Healthy and regular social engagements are crucial, especially for lonely, single seniors. Having a good social connection through senior citizens social groups is probably the most vital during Golden Years because the elderly are more susceptible to social isolation than young age individuals.

Joining a senior citizen social group such as Seniority Golden will help seniors over 50 have more fun during their Golden Years. Simply register yourself, build your profile and connect with like-minded people with ease.

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