8 tips that will help you choose the perfect internet domain:

Posted by markwahlbargg on May 29th, 2019

If you are planning to start your own website, you will surely need a good domain name registrar for registration. Well, before you proceed for the same, it is necessary to know how to choose the perfect internet domain.

Here we present you with 8 important tips:

1. Register a “brandable” domain:

Imagine having to choose the domain for e-commerce that sells pasta related products or for a blog about recipes. If you want to register a memorable domain, it is better to avoid exact match domains like "AlbertPastaOnline.com" - they are too generic.

Think of something more particular, something that can be branded and something that suggests a mental image to your consumer.

Here are two examples we have given:



2. Choose a pronounceable name:

Choosing an easily pronounced domain name allows both to remember this name more easily and to link it to positive concepts.

3. Record short domains:

A memorable domain name must be short, and this is quite intuitive, isn't it? The problem is that sometimes people think that "the shorter a name, the easier it is to remember".

4. Register .com Domains:

The reason is simple: .com is the best-known domain (even by people who don't understand anything about technology, they immediately associate the word “.com” to a website).

5. Avoid domains that can be confused with other brands:

You must not only avoid domains that contain the name of a trademark, but also similar domains which might appear to be “counterfeits”.

6. Choose an intuitive internet domain name:

Many make the mistake of choosing the intelligent-complicated solution when they decide to register a domain.

Don't do it yourself. You can also take help from the best domain registrar.

Choose an intuitive name, which will immediately suggest the content of your website.

7. Don't go crazy to add keywords:

We have said that according to the SEO perspective, using the exact keyword as a domain name (exact match domain) can facilitate positioning on Google.

Unless you are working exclusively on a keyword to create for example a money blog based on Amazon affiliation, the use of an exact match domain is not recommended: it reduces memo-ability and puts your site in a bad light in the eyes of visitors.

8. If the chosen domain is not available, you can change it:

Depending on your specific case, you can decide whether to change the name or extension. Attention, there is no better choice regarding the modification, it depends on your specific case.

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