3 Accounting Books that Will Make Accounting Easier for You

Posted by universityhelp online on May 29th, 2019

Much like any other subject, Accounting too is a field that has a wider scope beyond the bounds of a classroom. That’s why it’s often advised by professors and lecturers alike that accounting assignments should be done taking a little, if not complete, reference from books that fall outside the prescribed curriculum of university and college. But given the nature of subject, which is rigorous and mundane at best, it’s hard to find books that could ignite our interest in reading Accounts. Jargons, complicated text, and unnerving definitions start from page one itself, making us to lose our interest further. In such cases, it becomes mandatory to look for a reading material that could take restore our faith in accounting, at least for our academic time period if not for our whole lives.

The following three books listed below do just that. They cover tough concepts and yet are simple, descriptive yet concise, and  are written by authors who are expert at what they do and that’s why know how to write in a way that even nocies and layman could understand. If read with the right mind set and concentration, these books can easily prove to be your go-to option for account assignment.

“Accounting All-in-One For Dummies” by Kenneth W. Boyd & Lita Epstein

An accounting essential from the side of publisher John Wiley and Sons. Under the tagline “Making Everything Easier”, Wiley’s “For Dummies” series has been giving us some really effective study material for a long time, helping anyone learn anything that they wish to. “Accounting All-in-One” is another edition that successfully reaffirms our trust in this series. The book not only proves helpful for newbies having a hard a time to grasp basic accounting concepts like setting up your accounting system, recording accounting transactions, and preparing income statements and balance sheets, but also for seasoned professionals working for high end accounting activities like auditing and detecting financial frauds.

“Accounting Made Simple: Accounting Explained in 100 Pages Or Less” by Mike Piper

Mike Piper’s “..Made Simple” series continues to aim technical subjects, making them simple enough to be understood by even the most non-technical guy ever. In this one, Piper takes the humongous task of explaining accounting jargons and complicated topics like:

  • Reading and prepare financial statements

  • Calculating different financial ratios

  • Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), etc.

In the most layman way possible. Staying true to its title throughout, Piper never gets off his course of keeping accounting concepts simple for his readers who have just started to make their hold on subject stronger.

“Financial Shenanigans: How to Detect Accounting Gimmicks & Fraud in Financial Reports” Howard Schilit & Jeremy Perler

“Financial Shenanigans..” is for the ones who would like to take things a little serious, and understand how an account sitting quietly in his all dressed up in his suited-booted look could mess up the entire financial structure of an organisation. Definitely not your typical accounts assignment help material, Howard and Jeremy help their readers understand Earnings Manipulation Shenanigans, Cash Flow Shenanigans, and Key Metrics Shenanigans.

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