The Perks of Having a Travel & Restaurant Blog

Posted by Nabin Shaw on May 29th, 2019

It is said that there are more than 164 million blogs in the world, and millions of that are from travel bloggers. There are also statistics showing that three-quarters of these bloggers quit after less than a year of the blog launch. Some writers of travel and restaurant blogs leave because of lack of time, tiredness, and too much work involved.

However, writing travel and restaurant blogs have its perks. The longer you blog, the more useful it can be for your career, finance, and travels. Although it is hard to build an audience, you can see the result of your hard work quicker than you think.

Here are some of the perks of having a Travel and Restaurant Blog:

Sharing your experiences with the world

A travel blog just like tourism and restaurant blogs allows the writer to reach to people all around the world. Some of these readers are looking for a similar experience, looking for inspiration or maybe planning their own trip.

It can help other travelers to have a better experience

A blogger can write about anything. Even the little details, tips and tricks and the cool experiences they’ve had that they can tell their followers. They can write about the mom and pop restaurant tucked into the little corner of the town square that had the best food they have eaten. Or a private beach that cannot be found in any tourist brochure that only the locals know about.

Having unique travel experiences

Most travel bloggers go against the norm and try Airbnb, couch surfing, camping, or staying with the locals to get the feel of the place. They mingle with the locals and try their homecooked food. They also try the recommendations for the best places and restaurants that speak of their culture.

Inspiring others

People who are stuck in their 9 to 5 jobs or white picket fence lives can be inspired by the posts of your travels and encourage them to take more vacation time or go to a place that they have never been before. They might even quit their jobs and try blogging too.

Making friends from other places

When you are a travel blogger, you can meet lots of like-minded people in the different places you’ve been that will become your best friend. You can also meet interesting people like chefs and home cooks, tourist guide, among others that you can write about on your tourism and restaurant blogs.

Getting paid to travel

Once you have an established blog, travel companies will be reaching out to you. They may send you free trips and may even pay you to travel to specific locations and write about it. You can also sell space on your blog to travel agencies as a way of advertising.

Gain experience in other fields

As a travel and restaurant blogger, you will gain skills that you never knew you have. Your writing and photography skills will be developed as well as marketing, among others. You can use these skills to turn your hobby into a business and make blogging into a full-time job.

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