How to Take Care of an Injured Dog

Posted by Mudassar Ali on May 29th, 2019

Every pet lover is always conscious about their pet’s health and provides him a suitable environment in which they can live happily. Irrespective of the protection, sometimes accidents can occur suddenly and injured your lovable pet i.e. dog. An injured dog requires a bit more care and attention because it causes severe pain to dogs.

Unlike, human they cannot tell their pain and suffering to anyone. So, it’s your responsibility to rectify the pain of your pet. World Pet Express is the place from where you can buy the best medicine for your pet.

Here, in this article, we discuss all the steps through which you can easily take care of an injured dog. Let’s have a look at them.

Be Calm and Call a Veterinary Doctor:
The first step that you can do is don’t panic after seeing the injury. Be calm and call a vet as soon as possible. In the time being, you will have to do some homely treatment that can give relief to your dog to some extent. If the vet takes more time then ask him about the initial steps that you will do on your own. Sometimes, first aid can prevent your dog from big injuries.

Deal it With Care:
The second thing is to access the injured part with proper care because animals feel the same pain as humans. Does not touch the wounded part directly as it may give more pain to the dog. Clean the wound with a lot of care and attention. Always use hand gloves that protect you from infection.  

If Necessary Muzzle the Dog:
Muzzling is beneficial in certain situation such as when your pet does not vomit. Muzzle it with proper attention because your dog may attack you. With slow muzzling, you can protect yourself from a sudden attack of dog. If your dog is more aggressive then wrap its mouth with a towel during muzzling. Muzzling also depends on the type of injury, for example, chest and mouth injuries.

Examine the Injury with Patience:
This is an important step that should be done with care and patience. Always examine the injury with a soft touch and never touch it tightly because it may hurt your pet. If dogs feel more pain even with a soft touch then leave it and wait for the vet doctor. Only an experienced person can handle this situation with care.

Start Appropriate Treatment and Complete Full Course:
If the wound is severe then start appropriate treatment within time and visit your vet for a regular check-up of your pet. Complete the entire treatment strictly so that your dog’s this injury cannot cause any problem in the future for him.

Give Proper Diet:
Along with the medication, it is also necessary to give adequate diet and fluid to your dog so that it can recover from the injury soon. Follow the diet chart given by the vet which can heal the injured cells quickly.
By following the above steps you can take proper care of your injured dog. Care a pet like your baby because he is also your family member that requires your love and affection.

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