RuneScape brings you 'The Land Out of Time'

Posted by xiayumin on May 30th, 2019

Jagex announced today in a trailer that in July, RuneScape will definitely make a roaring sound in RuneScape, which means the game can have a big update. It will launch a brand new land - dinosaurs, where you are the kingdom of Gielinor. Please see the details below:

The recently revealed opponent Klapak may have been demolished in the past, the modern environment of Anachronia - including the land that has never appeared - to see the island where you arrived at the dinosaur, trying to Cheap RS Gold find the dragon skin, and then continue to review his new evil plan. Here you can see some beautiful animation effects.
Suitable for RuneScape members, the island's ancient coast and deadly jungle will suit new, incumbent and returning players. An adventurer who wants to follow the storyline after the update only needs three skills (mining, Smith, and divination) to succeed at level 50 or higher and complete two tasks: Needle Jump, you are it. These new chapters are different from the previous ones, but you can rest assured that they are very interesting.
Dedicated to exploring different exciting and exciting places, as well as new technical events, more information about The Land Out of Time may be released throughout June.
About Jagex
Founded in 2001, Jagex is a leader in creating deep and engaging experiences on PCs and mobile phones, and is actually one of the UK's largest and most respected game developers and publishers. Many netizens feel relieved about them. Known for its flagship MMO RuneScape and Old School RuneScape, Jage has created 260 million players worldwide with game accounts and created billion in lifetime franchise revenue. Its success has made many peers discouraged. Today, RuneScape's franchise is only to OSRS Gold run games in live operations; most of their games are life games, connecting and motivating a large number of players, with endless game domain content and Experience.
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