The 10 signs that you miss vitamin C

Posted by Be Fit on May 30th, 2019

The 10 signs that you miss vitamin C

Vitamin C is helpful for the proper functioning of our entire body. It helps us to fight against viral or bacterial infections, intervenes in the assimilation of iron, facilitates healing, detoxifies anticancer treatments ... "That's why it is advisable to consume the right foods to maintain a good reserve in the skin. the body recommends Jean-Michel Cohen, nutritionist Do not hesitate to eat vegetables or fruits, whether fresh, frozen or canned. How to know if our reserves are flat or not? By listening to the signals sent by his body.

Let's learn to identify them with nutritionist Jean-Michel Cohen.

Thank you for his information to Jean-Michel Cohen, nutritionist and author of "Better Eating for Dummies" at First Editions and "250 health and slimming foods" edited by I Lu.

Slow healing

Ascorbic acid or vitamin C is involved in the synthesis of collagen, which helps renew tissue but also strengthen bones and muscles. "We then put on the richest vitamin C foods such as guava, papaya, kiwi, red berries, Brussels sprouts ...", advises our expert.You will naturally reform the reserve of vitamin C which must be 5 more important than the reserve of other vitamins ". The small wounds of the simple scratch to the surgical scar will not resist.

Bleeding gums and nose

If your reserves of vitamin C are dry you risk bleeding from the nose or gums recurrently. "Your vessels are weakened by the lack of ascorbic acid, explains our expert.They give in to the slightest irritation caused by the too hard bristles of a toothbrush or a food that is difficult to chew". It is important to talk to your doctor or dentist. In the case of gums your bleeding may progress to, an inflammation of the gum called gingivitis.


In this case too, it is a story of weakened blood vessels. "A small number of them have broken under the skin," says Jean-Michel Cohen, "the flow of blood can not be done outwards because there is no open wound and therefore remains subcutaneous". It is not uncommon to have a blue after a shock, but when you lack vitamin C, there is not necessarily any trauma. Small purple dots or large blues may appear for no reason. It's time to consult.

Dry skin

Has your skin become unreasonably rough on the back of your arms and thighs? The cause may be a lack of vitamin C which may have led to a slowdown in collagen production.

"Your doctor will suggest you to enhance your diet with foods rich in vitamin C (strawberry, litchi, lemon, sea buckthorn, pepper ...) It may also prescribe a vitamin C supplement in parallel," says our specialist .

Spoon-shaped nails

Your nails are brittle, soft, covered with pink streaks under the nail and have taken a flared shape for several weeks? They also translate the effects of lack of vitamin C. "If you consult, your doctor may ask for a blood test to check your ascorbic acid, it will check at the same time iron, a deficiency often associated with that lack of vitamin C, "says our specialist.

A decline in immune defenses

Vitamin C is the vitamin of winter that helps us cope with winter conditions by strengthening the immune system. So inevitably, when you miss it, you catch everything that happens: colds, flu ... "T cells, these white blood cells tend to be fewer when you are deficient vitamin C. Yet it is they who we help fight diseases. " Enjoy the fruits of winter by preparing why not a citrus salad (orange, grapefruit, lemon) scented with a trickle of honey. It's good, it strengthens the immune system, it calms the throat and stays light for the line.

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