No more bleaching: This is how black laundry no longer bleaches when washing

Posted by markwahlbargg on May 30th, 2019

Does black laundry fade from time to time when you wash it? Then you commit a mistake. Here we Best Laundry Service NYC will show you how to properly clean dark clothes.

Deep black laundry should remain as long as possible, or not? And yet many garments after washing get a gray haze and bleach out. It is important that you have to deal with dark laundry a little differently than with lighter.

Washing Black Laundry: Use the Right Detergent?

One reason why dark clothes are suddenly not so dark after washing is probably the wrong detergent. Never wash black laundry with heavy-duty detergent, as it usually contains bleach and is more aggressive than other cleaners. Unfortunately, the laundry will be so clean that it will even lose its color.

To prevent this, you should rather use color detergent or mild detergent. There are also agents that are particularly suitable for black lingerie - worthwhile for those who have a lot of dark clothes. In addition, choosing a liquid detergent reduces the chance of leaving residue on the laundry.

40 or 60: At how many degrees should black laundry be washed?

For black laundry hardly high temperatures are suitable here too, the colors would fade. Therefore, in dark clothing usually, a temperature of 30 to 40 degrees is recommended. However, laundry should usually be washed at 60 degrees to get really clean. The best way to find a healthy middle ground is to wash 60 degrees from time to time and 40 degrees otherwise. If you are unsure, stay at lower temperatures. Also always observe the manufacturer's instructions on the label.

In order to reliably kill bacteria and germs on the clothing despite low temperatures which also cause an unpleasant odor, you can add special hygiene washes when washing. Or you can put the laundry in vinegar water overnight.

Can dark laundry be washed with vinegar?

Speaking of vinegar: It is often read that vinegar is suitable for washing clothes. In fact, home remedies have a reputation for preserving colors. Especially dark or black laundry retains its luminosity and is protected from fading. That's why you can add half a cup of vinegar to the fabric in the softener compartment - and thus bypass the actual fabric softener.

But be careful: vinegar can also attack hoses, gaskets and metal parts in the washing drum. Therefore, you should only use the home remedy occasionally, if at all.

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