Ammar Ibn Yasir RA A great Makkan Sahabi

Posted by Ady on May 30th, 2019

Ammar ibn Yasir was one of the early Sahabi who embraced Islam. His family had to face terribly cruel by the hands of the popular tribe of Mecca known as the Quraysh. Ammar (RA) migrated from Makkah to Abyssinia and then Medina where he was part of the group that built the first mosque. He took part in all expeditions and fought fearlessly in all the battles. Ammar is known to have re-counted several hadiths or Prophet Sayings. He is mostly recalled for his hadith about dry Wudu (ablution).

Ammar ibn Yasir was born in the holy sanctuary of Mecca around 570 CE and was unevenly the same age as Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and both were as close friends. In the beginning, Ammar (RA) and his family attended the secret lessons at the house of Al-Arqam which was a secret spot to preach the Islam furtively. The spot is still located near the Safa hills and richly visited by the pilgrims who perform Umrah at Customized Cheap Umrah Packages in order to perform Umrah. But as Quraysh came to know the conversion of Ammar’s family to new faith they tortured them harshly.

Some historians say that Ammar played an important role regarding the marriage of Prophet (SAW) with Khadija (RA) the first wife of Prophet (SAW). Thus, he became an important member of the Prophet’s family and when Prophet Muhammad (SAW) would call his family Ammar and his parents were amongst the first to heed the call. It is said that the father of Ammar Yasir dreamed that his wife and son were calling to him from across a valley divided by fire, so he immediately embraced Islam along with his wife.

The mother of Ammar (RA) Hazrat Summaya (RA) could not stand against the tortured of Quraysh and died in the state of faith. She is known as the first martyr in Islam. The mother of Ammar was a loyal and passionate member of the new Muslim open. At last, she was raged by Abu Jahal who knifed her in the lower stomach and she died at the spot. Then Abu Jahal reached the house of Ammar (RA) and killed his father and brother. Since Ammar (RA) was a broken man and disappointed Islam on the deaths of his family. But soon he was encouraged by Allah’s Apostle and migrated from Makkah to Abyssinia under the reliable refuged of kind Christian King.

During the construction of Masjid e Nabvi Prophet Muhammad (SAW) took an interest in Ammar (RA). He worked tirelessly on the construction of Prophet’s Mosque as he was carrying two bricks of mud when others were carrying one brick. At that Prophet (SAW) said that Ammar would get double reward rather than you all. The dwelling of Ammar (RA) near the Masjid e Nabvi is richly visited by the devotees who come from the UK with Hajj Umrah agents the UK who make sure their presence in Roza e Rasool (SAW) after pilgrimage major or minor.

Ammar (RA) narrated numbers of Prophet’s sayings but he is particularly remembered for his narrations about Wudu or dry ablution. Once during the caliphate of Omar (RA) a man came and said to Omar (RA) that he had become impure but no water had been available. Ammar (RA) recalled to Omar (RA), “Once both they were impure during the journey and you did not offer the prayer due to no water while I offered the prayer by rolling myself on the ground. And when it was discussed to Prophet (SAW), so Allah’s Apostle told it sufficiently and told the proper dry ablution.

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