Thunder PRO safeguarding by offering restriction to critical lightning strikes

Posted by jmvexim on May 30th, 2019

Before learning about the advance technology for lightning protection, you need to know why would they be used. The lightning rods provide protection to your facilities, buildings, businesses, organizations, heritage structures, etc. Here in we would be discussing on the technology strides over last few decades that exist for lightning protection providing greater range of protection.

We were all taught of the lightning and thunderstorm and their catastrophic effects. The separation of positive and negative charges created in the atmosphere is that source for this breakout of energy i.e. lightning from above the sky to the ground. They are giant spark breakdown that when hits any object on earth can damage thousands of life and properties. This sky to earth voltage discharges need to be given a specific path so as to reach and dissipate into the earth in order to avoid damages and injuries.

At its core, the components involved in particular protection scheme involves- an air terminal, a down conductor and a proper earthing setup which typically can serve you by capturing the lightning discharges or the powerful burst of charges.

The external Lightning protection system which is a mandatory for every building must be inclusive of an air terminal mounted on the highest point of the building and down conductor connecting the air terminal and grounding system along with other necessary components. This methodology is now widely adopted and its installation is made mandatory owing to the fact that the lightning discharge tends to make a shortest path i.e. hitting the tallest structure.

JMV LPS Limited after understanding the importance for the protection against the harmful electric discharge, is up with internationally tested Lightning protection system – Thunder pro air terminal. Hundreds and thousands of erratic high energy electric bolts can be captured by thunder pro air terminal and effectively be grounded via a High voltage lightning conductor which is indeed also tested to withstand 200ka faults. The air terminal is based on early streamer emission technology which activates and this makes a potential route which is effective enough for the protection of any high raise building. On Understanding the importance of implementing the best technology practice and adopting innovation on regular basis, thunder pro air terminals are recommended.