Freemax Twister VW Tube Mod Kit Review

Posted by freemexy on May 30th, 2019

Don’t get me wrong – the freemax vape isn’t going to revolutionize vaping or bring a lot of new things to the table. Hell, with its garish “love it or hate it” design, you might not even give it a chance. But that would be a shame, because the Twister is an example of how strong design and construction can make for an immensely satisfying vape experience. Let’s see what it’s made of…

According to the official description, the FreeMaX Twister 80W Starter Kit has an integrated 2,300mAh rechargeable battery, a wattage adjustment dial knob, and comes with the damn good Fireluke 2 Mesh Tank (okay, maybe we added the “damn good” part). This screen-free device is made that way to extend battery life, relying on a wattage adjustment dial at the base for adjustments.

But don’t worry, the Twister comes with a slew of protections and optimizations, thanks to the namesake chipset. As a result, the integrated battery can last longer between charges.The included Fireluke 2 tank is color matched for the mod, creating a uniform look and feel that’s certainly going to gather some attention when you’re out and about.

Because there’s no display screen or adjustment buttons, there’s very little else to describe – the Twister comes off as a simple, single-button device. And that’s because it is – the wattage adjustment dial at the bottom of the mod is simple, well-machined, and does its job well, provided you’re comfortable with no visual input other than a small wattage marking within the mechanism.

Likewise, there’s no temperature control or other vape style options – this is solely a wattage mod, with arguably the most straightforward interface available.Rincoe

Overall, the Twister feels good in the hand, with a nice hefty weight, but without taking up too much real estate in the pocket. It’s a basic tube mod, but there’s just enough texture on the painted exterior to give it a confident feeling in the palm.The 5mL Fireluke 2 is a perfect compliment for the 80-watt Twister device, since both of the included coil heads aren’t rated to go much past that mark. These mesh X1 and X2 beauties (0.2 and 0.15-ohm, respectively) have endured an unbelievable amount of use since the kit arrived on my desk, and neither is even close to calling it a day.

Using a hybrid 90/10, flax paper/cotton blend, the wicking is fast, smooth and never-ending – even at max wattage, there wasn’t anything close to a dry hit or foul draw. These coils are among the best I’ve ever used, giving me rich, nuanced flavor right from the outset, and enough vapor to change weather patterns.

While the exterior color scheme will gather most of the initial attention, it’s the amazing performance that will keep people paying attention after they try it. An absolute must-own tank, with or without the Twister mod.u2022eney7485yyWEEEEDD

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