How to choose the best Asian wedding photography and videography agency

Posted by Susan California on May 30th, 2019


If your big day is nearing and you are on the search for professional Asian wedding photography and videography services, then there are important things that you should consider to make sure that you get the best quality photos and videos taken. that's because you will see them in the future and reminisce about those memorable moments.

Consider the following points to choose the best wedding photographer:

Ask for recommendation

You can ask people you know and who are married for recommendations about a wedding photographer, see their wedding photos to check if you like the way it was taken. Having recommendations from word of mouth is the best and most convenient way you can find a reliable wedding photographer.

Also, check online to see reviews about a photographer. This is where many people go and vent their anger if they don't like the services. So this will help you know the positives and negatives of a photography agency.

Check  through their portfolio of works

Once you have narrowed down your search,  make sure that you see through the portfolio of works they have done with their previous clients. This will give you an idea about their skill level and professionalism to help you choose the right one from among them. They shouldn't be amateurs with no previous experiences.

Check They understand your culture

As an Asian, you could have different ethnic or religious backgrounds, The photographer you choose should have the knowledge of etiquettes and ambiguities of your culture so that he or she doesn't come on the way and make any cultural blunders during the event. Your wedding day is a special once in a lifetime event. So, you want The photography sessions to go smoothly and seamlessly

Have a written agreement

You don't want to leave anything to chances especially your wedding photography and videography. Plan all details: when you want the photographer to arrive and what events you want him to cover and other necessary things. On the wedding day, you don't want him to show up late or not turn up at all for any excuses. It can pour water on the whole experience if you can't have good photos taken.  So, have a written agreement with the photographer with all the necessary details so he shows up on time and does the work as agreed.

Check they Have a Back-Up Plan

For any reason, if the main photographer can't come in, make sure that he has a substitute equally adept for the work.  Also for cultural or religious sensitivities should a female photographer be needed in woman's only area or for the bride, Ask them if they can provide you with one.


Summing up, it can be said that if you follow the points above, it would help you find the best and most professional photography and videography agency which will capture your memorable wedding events with beautiful and authentic photos and videos.

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