Black market changes and Maplestory Mesos

Posted by xiayumin on May 31st, 2019

Last November, Maplestory Mesos 2 released regular maintenance - simply because always stick to the patch - for boosting the game. This time, so as to eliminate the sale and buying of Meso farmers in Maplestory Mesos 2 mess, the illegal hacking community changes have happened.

For those who find themselves unfamiliar while using Blackpool's Maplestory Mesos terminology, the underground is where players can market items and get other player items. The illegal hacking community has been available to Maplestory M Mesos everyone before the latest update arrives and limits who are able to enter the market.

Black market: don't free for everyone
Perhaps the largest change how the developers of Maplestory Mesos 2 provide the audience is always that players must reach level 60 to read items on the underground community or have business dealings with other players. Previously, players only needed to reach level 50 to get items or sell goods from the underground.

Why have you suddenly change?
According to ongoing surveys by game developers, the unscrupulous using these trading systems, such as the underground, is responsible for fairly volatile fluctuations in market prices, which has plunged the economy into chaos, which can lead to unfair trades. More than 20,000 malicious accounts are already banned using this issue ahead of the update. Developers will work hard to restore market balance. The specific move is the fact Nexon is upgrading restrictions on Meso sellers and deals.

Is this variation?
Although few Maplers actually understand why reform, many people are angry about it update and expressed dissatisfaction using the dissatisfaction of unfair treatment. This is especially true for novice and old players attempting to upgrade their roles on different servers. Since new players rely heavily on conserving money in exchange for accessories that you could enter the black market, these market restrictions can gradually drive the action. More restrictions down the road may cause anger among some old players, to make sure they will have to spend more time and to try to reach level 60.

The real madness of the limitation is the fact it actually cuts any legitimate transactions between players in the underground community. Therefore, players of level 20 or lower will no more be able to buy orange potions in the underground community. This allows players with 'abnormal' amounts to increase the problem of the action, and the way can players not get angry. The worst part is the fact players on this level (or lower) will not manage to Buy Maplestory Mobile Mesos purchase these products and other equipment everywhere you look else because other places that offer these products sell their items at extremely ridiculous prices. Want to raise more income by selling some items to obtain items you like? Players with low ranks give up on this idea because now you are actually excluded by the underground because from the lack of grades.

Final thought
All in most, the impact of the update will certainly make many players feel unhappy. Because this game damages the legitimate players of the experience that are not linked to the Meso deal, but only for your fun of MapleStory2.

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