Pet Preform Manufacturers To Check Before Production

Posted by preform nicole on May 31st, 2019

Pet Preform Mould have some problems when they are produced. There may be pitting on the surface, which will affect the product's effect. How can we avoid this?

This may be caused by poor mold venting or water leakage from the mold or condensation in the mold cavity. It is also possible that the parison is poorly plasticized, the parison has a melt fracture phenomenon, the inflation pressure is insufficient, and the inflation speed is slow. Of course, we can blast the mold blanks and add vent holes. Repair the mold, adjust the mold cooling temperature, reduce the screw speed, increase the extruder heating temperature, etc.

This reminds the Pet Preform Manufacturers to check the normal use of the mold during production. Once the wear or damage is found, it should be solved immediately. Don't wait until the production.

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