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Posted by Rskingdom on May 31st, 2019

Use the herbs and the secondary ingredients on the statues in RuneScape gold any order. For each statue, determine which skill it represents and use the appropriate herb and secondary as listed below. For defence, energy, and strength, you might receive the ingredients for its super-doses variant. After correctly placing the ingredients on the statue of its specific element, you will receive a Dolmen.

Once you run out of druid pouches, use the sickle's Bloom ability on the vines to receive Vine flowers. You can refill the pouch with the flowers, with a set of three making three pouches. Do not refill the pouch unless you have at least 3 flowers, or you may accidentally consume the mort myre fungus secondary ingredient.


    The statues are different for every player.
    The druid spirits will drop the ingredients for each potion a single time only. If you lose any ingredient, you will have to supply a new one yourself, so make sure you have a lot of inventory space to pick them all up. Also, for statues that may take the ingredients for regular or super versions of potions, you cannot substitute between the versions. For example, if a druid spirit drops the ingredients for a super energy potion and you lose them, the ingredients for a regular energy potion cannot be used at the energy statue.

    If you have a Mort Myre fungus in your inventory, it can fill your druid pouch as well as the vine flowers, so be cautious. The fungus will not be used if you have three flowers but will be used if you just have two flowers. For safety, you can drop the fungus, refill the pouch, and then pick up the fungus again (as long as you do not log out or take a lot of buy OSRS gold time before picking up the fungus).

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