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What Your Socks Actually Say About The Kind Of Person You Are

Posted by sockgaim on May 30th, 2019

If you think that your socks, including all the cools socks in your collection, are only items for keeping your toes warm, or for preventing your shoes from rubbing, you need to think again. Your socks are a strong insight into who you are – this article offers the key points you should remember when next you are deciding on the foot-gloves to slip on.


For some people, one hole in their sock marks the end of a relationship that was once beautiful. For others, it’s an excellent excuse to poke their toe right through and begin a puppet show in their shoes. In spite of hipster-chic presently being in vogue, you are still at risk of appearing vaguely homeless when your socks feature more holes in them than Sepp Blatter’s tax return.


You might be the type of funky cat that rolls his socks down to his ankles and continues prancing around like some sailor. Or perhaps you are as square as some Victorian Headmaster and you pull them halfway up the shins, utilising a spirit level to make sure they feature complete symmetry. Understand that you could be attracting the wrong crowd if you happen to be slouching on the bus and your trouser socks are at varying heights after you’ve had a mad night on the ale.


It is clear that socks should clean but, precisely how clean is ‘clean’? Are you signed up to any sock subscription site that enables you to change your socks every single day? Or do you wait till Sundays? Do you always bear an extra pair in case there’s an emergency visit to the bowling alley? Perhaps you wait till they become one with the feet before chiselling them off, in which you might have to find expert help.


It is one thing to be a hard-loving, wild-living sock maverick that leaves a trail of filthy bobby socks and destruction behind. But how on earth will you find a pair that matches for your job interview? Will they still be inside the designated drawer? Or will you continue rummaging beneath the sofa to seek the missing pair? (Should you find any at the back of the fridge, then you certainly need your life choices re-evaluated). Perhaps you are a conservative that’s staunchly, refusing to identify any sock that lacks an identical partner, or maybe you lean quite much to your left, believing that all socks are equal with pairings just being a device used by the system to get us distracted. That went heavy there for a second, did it not?


You have a new pair. But they aren’t just any old pair. They are ‘X’ socks and they feel similar to an extension of your personality. Are the socks that are yours definitely YOURS? Perhaps you love seeing your loved one wearing them, or merely seeing them is enough to make you dump your toothbrush in the toilet when they are not looking. Well, your reaction to all these will certainly say a lot about your capability of sharing and ultimate suitability as the owner of a pair of  cool socks. So, evaluate yourself.

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