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Posted by articlelink01 on May 31st, 2019

Every business needs to make a print, and this means having their own business card. Printing a business card is not as easy a business as it sounds. It involves a lot of thinking, designing and then coming up with the final print as the output.

Business card printing service providers are there to make the task of printing cards easier and simpler. Their belief is "Image is Everything", and they make sure that they stand true to their agenda.

Types of business card printing available

There are many Printing services that have broadly categorised the types of business cards into three main groups, namely Basic businesses cards, Premium Business cards and Silk Business cards. The Basic Business cards are the thinnest among them all and also costs the less. The Premium Business cards are the ones which are the most popular and also comes in the best quality among them. It is almost half times thicker than that of a credit card. The Silk Business cards are defined as the most professional one, and the look of it is also classier than the rest. It is almost 60% thicker than a credit card.

They also have other options available in the cards, like the Ultra Speciality Business cards which hold the designs of 10 different types of speciality cards.

The Ultra Speciality Business cards include Textured Linen Business Cards (dry textured surface and super thin quality), Pearl Metallic Business cards (dry uncoated surface and paper thin quality), Foil Stamped Business cards (gold, silver, copper or coloured foil), Brown Kraft Business cards (organic with visible natural fibres), Suede Business cards (soft velvet laminate), Lustre Business cards (ultra-high gloss surface and 70% thickness of that of a credit card), Plastic Business cards (crystal clear, frosted clear or solid white plastics) and Black Edge Business cards (ultra-thick).

Gold Foil Stamped Business Card

This is one of the most prestigious cards when it comes to serving any professional event. The Gold Foil Stamped Business Card is made of very thick quality, i.e., it is printed on a silk laminated paper stock which is 17pt thick. The thickness quality and the crease and tear resistant protective coating of this card helps in increasing its lifetime to as much as 10times that of a normal paper card. The thickness is measured as almost 60% that of a credit card.

The name itself suggests that the card will be as shiny as gold. The cards are made from gold leaf stamps which are produced using an extremely high end reflective shiny foil so that the card looks shimmery under any type of lighting. It also makes the business card stand out from the rest and look classier.

Gold is the colour of power and dominance. Using a Gold Foil Stamped Business Card will tell the people being presented to that this business is here to rule. Also, gold is a colour which is contrasting to any design. Hence it makes the designing of the card very easy and yet looks elegant.

Their high definition colour printing is also remarkable, and they make sure that all the customer needs are complied with and there is no customer dissatisfaction.

The most reliable printing service providers satisfies clients in case of quality and speedy deliveries. So, order Foil stamped business cards and go for Business card printing now!

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