Altering Your Home When You Become Less Mobile

Posted by Anna on May 31st, 2019

Becoming less mobile is a fact of life as we get older and it can mean a re-assessment of where we live and whether we can comfortably and practically go on living there. Reaching the "Golden Years" is often a time when people choose to move house – usually to something smaller and more manageable, especially is there is a lot of outside space needing regular maintenance that you just aren't up to any more.


There is also the issue of coping with the stairs if you live in a 2-storey or 3-storey home. But if you still love you home, your neighbours and community you don't have to move – you can instead make alterations to your home to be able to remain living there comfortably. It may even me more cost-effective to do so.

Here we look at the emotional and practical side of altering your home when you become less mobile.


Becoming less mobile comes with lots of adjustments that you have to make both emotionally and practically. It is a huge change to not be able to move as you once did, to not be able to interact with your home in the same way, to need help getting around. This isn't something that comes easy to most of us, and there is certainly an adjustment period needed for both the practical and emotional sides of this change, in order to come out the other side with a great quality of life.

The Practical Side Of Changing Your Home When You Become Less Mobile

There's a lot to think about, and no doubt you already know the main areas of your home that need changing to make life easier for you. Maybe you struggle to shower properly and a shower seat or grip rails would make things so much easier. Maybe the steps leading up to the house are almost impossible to get up and you avoid going out to avoid the steps: a ramp would be so fantastic and so much easier.

Perhaps your family, friends or carer have suggested adjustments like double banisters, or a chair lift. There are so many options to you, and your life will be so much easier once the relevant adjustments are made. This is not a time to worry about whether the alterations will add value or whether they will deter future buyers. This is the time to think about you and your happiness and comfort in the coming years.

When you are considering adjustments to your home speak to friends and family so they can help you find the right companies to make the adjustments.

Although it might initially seem like a lot of effort, the end result will mean you can remain in your own familiar surroundings. As time goes on and you need more care you will also have the life-enhancing option of live-in care rather than a residential care home because you will still be living in a spacious house. You will also avoid high care home fees making the alterations to your home even more cost-effective.

The Emotional Side Of Altering Your Home When You Become Less Mobile

Emotionally, things can be a little tricky when you realise you have to change your much loved home in order to remain in it comfortably and safely. There are lots of emotions you might go through including:

  • Frustration at your body for not being able to do what it did before
  • Grief over the way your home used to be
  • Sadness that you are unable to enjoy your home as it once was
  • Worry and anxiety about affording the adjustments
  • Stress at adjusting to your new needs, especially if they involve home care services or a live-in carer.

All of these emotions are understandable; you're going through a huge transition in your life. Try to remember that you will come out the other side with a home that works for you, and ultimately the more comfortable and safe you are in your home, the longer you can live in it rather than have to move into a residential home. Live-in care is also a much more likely option if your home is adjusted towards your needs.

Do speak to friends and family members you trust and get the help and support you need and deserve. There's every reason you'll come through this feeling like you have a new lease of life for your golden years.

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