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High Lift Pallet Truck      

Hand Pallet Truck JF        

Ideal design with numerous possibilities makes this unit very suitable as pallet truck/scissor lift table.Telescopic jack composes of 3 piston rods creating light pumping force giving great rigidity.Support legs come into operation automatically.

Hand Pallet Truck JF7      

The manual high lift pallet truck offers the user an efficient and versatile tool for material handling. Conform to EN 1757-1-4. Quick-lift operation; Easy maneuvering of loads throughout work place; Great stability; Improved safety.

Hand Pallet Truck JFD8   

Stainless Steel High Lift Pallet Truck with Double Pistons; Electric high lift pallet truck; Valuable material handling equipment for use as a feeling table on assembly line; Structural heavy duty steel construction; Hand operated table descent control.

Multi-Function Pallet Truck   

Hand Pallet Truck BFB     

Pallet truck with brake system can conveniently cease the truck an navigate ramps. Conform to NE 1757-2.

Hand Pallet Truck BF       

Most standard and popular model with capacity 2500-3500 kgs. Complete pump design with reliable leak-proof pump eliminating maintenance and extending the service time. 210 steering arc,and small turning radius. Fork lowering speed is controllable,operated by hand control and foot pedal.

Hand Pallet Truck BFG    

Automatic slow-lowering system ensures the safety of the cargos, especially fragile cargos. Single-piece hydraulic valve cartridge has more advantages than scattered components such as easy maintenance,which is more preferred by the market.

Hand Pallet Truck BF3500       

1) Load capacity (kg): 3,000 2) Lifting height (mm): 200/190 3) Overall length (mm): 1,540/1,610 4) Overall width (mm): 520/550/685 5) Overall height (mm): 1,230 6) Steering wheel (mm): Φ200/180 7) Fork wheel (mm): Φ74/80

Hand Pallet Truck BFH    

Product Features: Hand Pallet Truck; Manual pallet jack hand pallet truck; CE is available hand pallet truck; One year warranty hand pallet truck.


Hand Pallet Truck HW     

Professional and ideal storage aid for all variety of manual transport tasks over short distances in stores and warehouse as well as factory plants. Compact and attractive design with maximum loading capacity of 2000-3000Kg.

Scale Pallet Truck   

Mobile Pallet Truck Scale for sale at very competitive factory price. If you are interested in any of our products or would like to discuss a order, please feel free to contact us. We welcome all friends around the world to cooperate with us in the near future.


Hand Pallet Truck BFC6/BFC6-II      

Mobile pallet truck with scale combined two major functions for pallet truck/scale, allows you to weigh cargo what you want, where you want and when you want. Power supply with rechargeable battery or with 88~264V AC input.

Keypad and automatic tare functions. 1.2inches, super-large and bright LED display in solid state to be strike-free. Available in pounds or kilograms.

Hand Pallet Truck BFC6-7-BFC6-8   

Widely used in carrying meat, marine produces, wines, beverage, chemicals, ect. And can work in very low temperature conditions, e.g. to deliver goods into and out of freezers/coolers.

Hand Pallet Truck BFC6-S        

Mobile pallet truck scale combined two major functions for pallet truck/scale,allows to weigh cargo what you want,to anytime and any place. A/D velocity: 27/s,a faster speed of weighing,more correct. Conforms to EU's ROHS standard.

Standard Pallet Truck    

Hand Pallet Truck DB      

Standard epoxy powder coat finish which is resistant to chips and normal corrosion. Exceptionally strong but light weight steel construction, service weight is only 55kgs. With welded joints and reinforced fork tips for most durability in the toughest of applications.

Hand Pallet Truck BFJ      

Hydraulic manual pallet truck


2.Competitive price with high quality;

3. CE Certified; Type: Manual Pallet Truck

Hand Pallet Truck DF       

Chrome piston and ram for smooth operation and prevents excessive wear on the pump & seal. Excellent turning angle of 180 degrees facilities. Number of pump strokes-10.Lift height per stroke:11mm. Conform to EN 1757-2.

Hand Pallet Truck BFL     

Hand Pallet Truck BFL Product Features: 1.5T Cap. Lowered Fork height - 52mm. 1T Cap. Lowered fork height - 35mm. Steel fork roller. Conform to EN 1757-2. CE Certified. Capacity: 1000kg, 1500kg.

Hand Pallet Truck NF       

Heavy duty forks for greatest strength, durability and super strong frame. 3 position control lever Lifting-Neutral-Lowering hydraulic encased in protective steel housing. Excellent turning angle of 180 degree facilities. Conform to EN 1757-2.

Hand Pallet Truck BFQ    

Product Features:

The Quick lift pallet truck is an ideal truck for light load handling.

Whenever lifting loads under 200kg, it takes just 5 strokes reached max.height.

For loads above 200 kg, the quick lift hydraulic system automatically switches to normal operation. Conform to EN 1757-2.

Hand Pallet Truck WA      

Standard single speed pump and light service weight,but big load capacity 3000kgs. Design on the base of 3 year service time,which can be extended up to 5 years. Compact appearance,innovative separated rocker arms,ensure the whole truck averaged pressed.

Hand Pallet Truck BFR     

Product Features:

(1)Double Speed Pump.

(2)Nylon wheel, polyurethane wheel, rubber wheel, single fork roller or tandem fork rollers.

(3)Fork length: 800mm, 900mm,1000mm,1100mm.

Hand Pallet Truck WB     

Light-weight fork frame,made from high rigidity steel plate. Compact appearance,innovative separated Rock Arm,ensure the whole truck evenly pressed. There is a finger hole in the connection of handle and pump,which is easy to assemble. Conform to EN 1757-2.

Hand Pallet Truck BFS     

Widely used in carrying meat,marine products,wines,beverage,chemicals,etc. and can work in very low temperature conditions,e.g. to deliver goods into and out of freezers/coolers. Conform to EN 1757-2.

Hand Pallet Truck WF      

Full hydraulic system,Bullet connection between steering shaft and pump piston. Special lowering valve to control the rate of descent and over load by-pass balve to make the trucks durable. Number of pump strokes-10.Lift height per strike:12mm.

Hand Pallet Truck BFW-BFWL 

Product Features:

1.CE hand pallet truck


3.Fork size:1150/1220mm length;550/685mm width

4.Min/max lift height:85/200mm

We are professional Hand Pallet Truck Manufacturer, supplier and factory in China. We can produce high lift hand pallet truck according to your requirements.

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