School Stationery Supplies That Every School Office Must Have

Posted by johnyboy on May 31st, 2019

Schools are teaching and educating children and young people how to be neatly organised and develop skills which will help them explore their creativity and methods of studying. In order to set an example, the administration offices must be organised in the same manner. Thus, taking care of all the school stationery requirements is an important factor for the school to run smoothly in terms of organising documentation. Here are the most commonly needed school stationery supplies that every school office must have.


To begin with, Cases 21 labels are simply a must. They are specially designed for printing own professional labels which can be used as student name labels, student home group labels, employee address labels, future student labels and generally, name labels. These labels have a permanent adhesive which prevents the label to fall off the documentation. You can purchase them in six fluorescent colours including green, yellow, red, orange, blue and pink or if you prefer, you choose the matte version.

QKR Lunchbox labels

Secondly, the QKR lunchbox labels are a must in every school with a canteen. They are excellent to use on students’ lunchbox orders and printed with a QKR software package. Again, you can find these labels in different colours in a matte or fluorescent version. As they are produced with chemicals that are FDA and BfR approved, you can use them safely with food.

Library Labels

Thirdly, the school office needs library labels that can be stuck on the top or bottom corners of the books, or even on the spines so that the reader can recognise the books easily. The library labels usually come in white and 10 other colours so that you can do the sorting according to the colours. For example, you can use different colours to identify the genre of the book and the fact that you can print image on these labels makes it even easier for the reader to find the book they are looking for immediately. These labels have removable adhesive so that no glue residue is left on the books in order not to damage the book over the period when it is being used.

School Forms and Books

In this category of school stationery supplies are the Purchase Order Book, First Aid Books, and the School Visitor Pads. The Purchase Order Book is excellent for inserting the school details by hand or stamp and the triplicate copies will ensure that the supplier can get a copy and you can keep the 2 left copies internally for record keeping.  Then, First Aid Books is a book where you can write down all the incidents and injuries that have happened during school time. They also have triplicate copies, again, enabling the injured party to get a copy and for the school to keep the two for record keeping. Finally, the school visitor pads are used to keep track of who enters the school premises. Thus, visitors are asked to sign in once they arrive on site and to sign out when they leave the site. Also, you can document time and dates.  

School Cheques

The School Cheques facilitate the school administers work with the bank approval process. These cheques have the highest security standards as the banks have instructed and this prevents any fraudulent transactions to be made. No errors can be made with these forms.

Presentation FoldersWhen the school years ends and during the enrolment period, your school must be ready to provide the interested candidates and their parents advertising material that will tell its story. For that purpose, presentation folders are necessary so that you can create a consistent look that will make your school a better choice in comparison to other schools. These presentation folders can be custom made with a paper material of your choice. What is inside of the folders should be carefully planned and designed as this is what is going to represent the school to your the students.

Perforated Paper

For food vouchers, lunchbox tickets, raffle tickets, events tickets and school award certificates the perforated card paper is ideal to create a professional look to all of these paper requirements. They are very easy to print with suitable QKR software or CASES 21 software. If you are looking for reliable a4 perforated paper suppliers you can visit L.G. Business Systems online.

Tyvek Wristbands

When the school is organising excursion or other events where the responsible teachers have to control a group of students, the Tyvek wristbands are perfect for identification. Because the wristbands are waterproof and impossible to break or tear, they are a safe way of identifying each individual in the group.


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