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Posted by JessicaRhodes on May 31st, 2019

Music is a universal language – everyone understands it. As a result, music makes it easier for people to communicate on a higher level that does not require the use of words and specific terminology. Music helps reveal deepest feelings, helps release negative emotions and realize your biggest fears. It literally drags all the negativity out of your mind and soul, leaving you feeling brand new and opened to new experiences. Feeling sad or lonely? An upbeat song can boost your mood and increase your self-confidence level in no time, leaving you feeling incredible with minimal effort on your part. It is cooler, though, when you can understand the lyrics and sing along. Singing songs is a great therapy session that does not involve another person and financial investments. All you need is your favorite headphones, a cozy chair and 3-5 minutes. You can enjoy therapy during breaks at the office or listen to your favorite songs while driving to work. Music is a perfect companion for all kinds of daily activities and will never let you down! Do you wish for an incredible audial experience, so you’re looking for a new song to refresh your feelings and help get through a complicated life period? Do not worry, we have the best cure for a sore soul – click to discover top indie artist and her hot single called Ink Blot. Enjoy!

Despite being capable of taking responsibilities for their lives, grown ups remain kids in hearts. Mental health is vulnerable and is affected by numerous factors such as social negation, disrespect and incomprehension. It is important for everyone to learn sharing their experiences and feelings in order to help others through personal example. Here is what young talented indie singer tells about her upcoming EP: “My upcoming 4-song EP, Ink Blot, is my first musical project as an artist. I had suppressed feelings of self-doubt and worthlessness, much of it stemming from trauma endured as a child. This left me going through the motions of life not truly knowing who I was. It wasn’t until I let these words pour out of me, that my past lost its power and I began to shine from within” I am sure, every person can relate to the song. Hurry to check Ink Blot Music Video.

Are you looking for new music that describes true life experiences and reveals deep feelings? These days people starve for real life lyrics. Chonna Cristelle is one of few artists who writes her own lyrics and is not afraid to share her story with the world. Click to check out top indie artist new hit song.

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