How To Ensure Construction Site Safety Under The Guidance Of ML Safety

Posted by ML Safety on May 31st, 2019

Various ways to keep your site safe: ML safety


There are not one or two dangers involved during the construction of any site, there are many. As an owner it is your responsibility to take steps towards locating the errors at your site and taking preventive measures to correct them as soon as possible. What happened, gone in deep thoughts about how to do the same? Do not worry, we are here to make things easier for you. If you take our guidance, we take full responsibility to keep your site safe from all the possible errors.

We together with our team try to locate all the possible errors at your site and maintain a risk assessment register. There are various risks factors present at your site. There is a chance that anyone passing by your site gets injured by some flying debris or falling objects. So, in order to avoid this, proper temporary fencing should be created all around your site. Proper fencing also allows you to protect your building materials from the risks of thefts during the off-hours.

The workers who work on the sites should wear goggles, hard hats, gloves and other different types of protective clothing so as to protect themselves from electric shocks, fire risks, risks of getting injured or any other type of risks at the site. Equipment such as scaffolding should be used so that the workers and the necessary supplies are transported to the other areas of the site safely and no harm is done to them.

There is also a risk of workers to fall down from the roofs of the building while working at the sites. So, roof edge protection also becomes an important component of construction site safety. Creating a barrier along the roof line can help reduce the risk of the workers falling down during working times.


Regular maintenance of building materials and equipment


You as an owner of the site must not forget that construction site safety also involves regular maintenance and protection of building equipment and materials. There come issues at construction sites such as missing guards of electrical equipment that protect workers from potential dangers at the site - frayed cords and moving parts that can lead to electrical shock anytime.

The power supply switches must be installed in strategic locations at the site so that in the times of emergencies, it can be shut down quickly. Common ladders should not be used at the construction sites. Ladders must meet standards related to use and design so that they become fit to use at the construction sites.




The list of risk factors present at the construction sites are unlimited and as an owner, you must never overlook it and take corrective measures each time you locate any risk. To ensure your construction site safety, you can work under our guidance and minimize your stress of doing it all by yourself. Contact us anytime and we'll do it for you patiently and effectively.There is a chance that anyone passing by your site gets injured by some flying debris or falling objects. So, in order to avoid this, proper temporary fencing should be created all around your site.


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