Why is Big Data a Smart Career Choice?

Posted by Neha Kumari on May 31st, 2019

Big Data is floating everywhere and counted among the top trending technologies and as per the industry forecasts, the Big Data market will continue to grow. From traditional to the modern world, we have witnessed data evolution around us. The reason behind this is- Businesses are now realizing the importance of making data-driven decisions.

Companies generate tremendous information about the industry they belong to, and there is a requirement to save the data which is being generated. This data need some data warehouse in which data can be stored and processed for future use. Big Data helps in this case. Big Data helps the company in making better decisions which will obviously help them to grow, help the company to gain productivity and create value to their products and services. 

As per the stats of IDC, Big Data hold a worth of .34 billion by 2018.

Moreover, the technologies associated with it are likely to experience a combination annual growth rate, i.e., CAGR of 23.1% between 2014 to 2019. Moreover, the annual expenses of Big Data are likely to multiply by .6 billion by 2019. The IDC predictions are positive.

If you’re still doubtful for taking up Big Data as a career choice, spare a few minutes of your time reading this blog. You’ll definitely get valuable and genuine answers. Find below the top reasons to choose Big Data as a career option:-

✔     Easy to start: - Big Data is an interesting and easy platform to get familiar with. Data Analytical skills and programming skills are required in this technology. You need to have expertise in Python, C, Java or Scala. These are not tough though. There are MOOC tutorials available on the internet through which you can attain this expertise.

✔     Increased Job Opportunities: - Job opportunities in the Big Data sector is growing at a rate of 160% during 2013 and 2020. There are additional 346,000 jobs opened for Big Data specialists in the market.

✔     Fat Paychecks:- If we glance through the current salary trend for Big Data experts, the average salary is 5,000. Roughly, it is 30% more than the IT professionals with same years of experience.

✔     Gliding demand in the market: - As per Forbes.com, Hadoop, NoSQL, and Python are the topmost Big Data skills. It is also quoted as the demand for Hadoop is still the elite Big Data framework in comparison with the other Big Data technologies. The demand for Hadoop programmers is as high as 704%, and for the NoSQL programmers (MongoDB and other) is around 1002%

✔     Increased Adoption: - Big Data is not only meant for technological fields. Big Data is spreading its wings in almost all sectors like marketing, logistics, sales, research and development, supply chain management, healthcare, financial services, education, etc. 

✔     Mathematics and Science Game: - If you are among those people who always enjoy playing Sudoku or crossword puzzles, you’ll enjoy working Big Data a lot. Because here, you will get plenty of opportunities to play with numbers.

✔     Practical Business Thinking: - It’s not enough to create an analysis. This is your job to know why and how analysis becomes useful and actionable. Here, you also have to decide taking valuable business and un-publishing business which is of no value.

✔     You are made for coding: - Do you love sitting in one place for hours? Or Love to write code snippets, programs, and automation? Then, this is a check mark on your list of career option because Big Data demand coding skills.

✔     Work with cross-functional teams: - Big Data will give you plenty of opportunities to work with cross-functional teams. This means you will spend a large portion of your time with non-data people like developers, managers, salespeople, marketers, etc.

✔     Wide Job Roles:- Big Data Professionals have a multi-dimensional array of job roles to choose from-

  • Big Data Engineer
  • Big Data Analytics Architect
  • Big Data Analyst
  • Metrics and Analytics Specialist
  • Visualization Specialist
  • Machine Learning Expert
  • Analytics Consultant etc.


Being a part of Big Data professionals team, you need to have basic knowledge of Java or OOPS programming; and some knowledge about operating systems like Unix, Linux and various tools like R, Hadoop, Apache, etc. You have also required Big Data certifications. A degree in Computer Science or Computer’s background will be an added advantage and will help you get your dream job in Big Data easily. But don’t forget, bookish knowledge is not sufficient; it is mandatory to have practical knowledge and clear concepts of Big Data. This will become a stepping stone in achieving your career goals. So, start looking for the websites that provide training and certification in Big Data.

Last Words

Big Data is greatly assisting organizations in drawing purposeful insights out of raw data. In this competitive market of IT professionals, knowledgeable and relevant techies are grabbing the limelight and are in high demand; this is because business professionals want the power of Big Data to increase their existence. A professional with good analytical skills can master the ocean of Big Data and become an indispensable asset of an organization. But, with practice, you can improve these skills. Considerable is if you want to! It’s never late when you prepare yourself to learn the technology. Gird up now!

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