5 Adorable Kids Room Décor Ideas that Will Make You fall in Love

Posted by Shaheen Shaikh on May 31st, 2019

Your children – and you – will love how their bedroom shapes up with these easy kids’ room décor ideas.

You’re in the middle of redecorating your house, and now that there are kids in the family, it is important to create a beautiful bedroom for them. But kids’ room design is quite different from other designs – the scale, colour and geometry all suit a smaller, quirkier aesthetic.

Consider these simple ideas on how to decorate the kids’ room:

  1. Create a gallery for their ‘art’. All children love to dabble in paint and craft. Instead of stowing away their art, why not have them framed and hung on the wall? Their ‘art gallery’ can get a periodic makeover occasionally! Besides, it makes the wall look interesting – but do complement the art gallery with a quirky wall colour or design.
  2. Add texture wherever possible. Children are tactile by nature, their abundant curiosity satisfied only by touching and smelling all that they come across. So, it naturally follows that providing them with textures to experiment with will keep them sufficiently occupied. Here’s how you do this: install parquet flooring that offers a pleasurable tap-tapping sound, felt softboards for school work, glossy study table top, and so on. Also add a colourful rug on the floor where they normally sit and play with their friends.
  3. Get them to add details. The best kids’ room décor ideas often come from the kids themselves. Instead of drab walls, give them a marker and have them draw artistic flowers and shapes. Or a dashing mural on an entire wall. Or to help you sew curtains from different strips of cloth. Or you could have one wall with a scarlet or hot pink colour that doubles up as their drawing and craft space (make sure the paint is washable!)
  4. Use bunk/foldaway beds to create more playing space. The bed is an important element of kids’ room design. For your child, though, it’s not just something they sleep on – they hide under the blankets, they are petrified of the monster under the bed, and they spin a million dreams on it. Try and make the bed interesting and practical – get a foldaway design that clears up the floor, or a bunk bed if you have two kids. It is a good idea to match the bed frame with the wall colour, but in a darker shade.
  5. Make a fun repository for toys and games. Your child will have a lot of games and toys, and these are normally left on the floor in a giant mess! Most children hate to clear up after themselves, so it helps to make it a fun activity. As part of the kids’ room décor, you can invest in a bright and big wooden storage box for their toys. Install a seat on the top of the box so they can sit on it and wear their shoes or play a game on their tab. You can add a time challenge – the faster they clear up and put their toys away in the box, the more minutes of TV or outdoor play time they get!

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