Tips for Aerial Photography from Small Planes and Drones

Posted by amosfred1990 on May 31st, 2019

Drones have now made it easier and much more convenient to take aerial images. However, that’s also made a lot of people think that having a drone is enough to get those images right. If you want to learn how to take better images while you’re on a small aircraft or while using a drone, go over the following list.

Get as high as you can

If you are using a drone, then increase your altitude, DroneGuru says. Taking photos of your target from close range will mean that you’re limiting the camera’s view. If you want to focus on certain details, then that’s a good tactic to use. However, if you want a better photo of the area, then go higher. For better results, though, you can hire real estate photography in Houston to help you.

Use the FPV system

Some Houston construction photography experts will advise you to use an FPV system. This will give you a first-person view of what your camera sees, allowing you to frame your images much better. Just a bit of a drawback, though. It’s not the best technique for close-up shots. Learn what works for you through old-fashioned trial and experimentation.

Achieve sharpness

Blurry shots are a result of too move movement. Reduce unwanted blur from your photos, even when you’re shooting from inside an aircraft. Hold your camera but don’t rest your elbows on the window or armrest. Otherwise, the vibrations from the plane will go straight to your arms and affect your shots. Keep the camera an inch or so away from the window glass too, Expert Photography says.

Bring the right lenses

Being in a low-flying plane means you’re going to pass through a lot of landscapes. When you hire pros for construction photography in Houston, they’re certain to bring along the right lenses. Do the same. If you don’t want to miss a shot, you’ll need to bring along powerful zooms. Investing in the right equipment means you won’t need to go through the trouble of changing lenses when you’re shooting from the air. Zooms that you can use for a variety of focal lengths will more than come in handy for you.

Talk to your pilot

Communicating with your pilot can result in better photos. You can request the pilot to circle or tip a wing up or down to get you the ideal angle for the perfect shots. Some pilots can even allow you to open the windows and shoot with your head and camera outside. Some may open or remove doors.

Getting professional help

Tips and advice can improve your skills. But if you need the best real estate photography in Houston, then get professional help. Look for Houston construction photography experts to take on the work for you. With their help, you can get the images you need. Pick a company that specializes or has considerable experience in construction photography in Houston. Check out the company’s portfolio to get a sense of what the firm can do for you.

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