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Posted by xiayumin on June 1st, 2019

Chris Wilson, the primary developer of "Path of Exile", will not want his staff being nervous about launching an update on the online action role-playing game. Wilson said.
Wilson said: "Some studios let their team leadership 14 hours daily to package each patch, such as most fixes and improvements." "Sometimes once we read each of our patch description thread and community feedback, we will be asked to do the same thing. I think it is a waste of time, I would not run the corporation like that."

He believes that some employees really should have overtime pay, especially the following launch with the new "Exile Road" alliance, Wilson thought employees ought to have a good rest and balance in their life during the game development period to POE Currency Buy keep healthy. But it also ensures that players need to wait more longer to create necessary improvements for the reason that the entire team is making serious changes.

In recent months, some BioWare employees have told Kotaku that they've depression and anxiety. According to reports, some people do not accept doctors to order pressure leave that will last for weeks or months. However, the studio dismissed these claims and expressed great importance on the health of affiliates.

At the same time frame, over a dozen current and former employees of Epic Games told Polygon that they often work exceed 70 hours every week before they achieve good results. Others said they worked for 100 hours. This is too difficult to accept, so Rockstar recently filed claims.

As for your "path of exile", Wilson stated that due to some diffrent resons ,the team's ongoing efforts to resolve , some issues have yet to be satisfied with the community. He declared the new comprehensive alliance with this game is greater than they expected. The upcoming "large expansion" also began a lot of time within the studio. Even so, they promise to produce the best effort to Path of Exile Currency present players the top gaming experience prior to the next update.

"I am sorry," he explained. We internally emphasize the necessity to improve the “path of exile” for a long period, except for various reasons we should adjust it inside the short term. We will ensure a great balance between solving immediate problems inside them for hours of long-term improvements in-game demand. "

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