How can you identify organic honey from adulterated one?

Posted by Patanjali Ayurved Ltd on June 1st, 2019

The great dread of getting dodged by the arch-rival is what haunts every corporate firm. And in order to supersede the other, the superpowers indulge into adulteration. Their established goodwill deprives its customers to verify the product’s authenticity. And the depressing part is that the market if full of unauthentic products and the individual has to toil hard to recognize whether the received product is pure or not. Honey, the best alternative to the calories-filled refined sugar too is not spared by the adulteration trend. Thanks to Patanjali, organic honey is not a distant dream now as you can buy honey online.

Test to identify natural honey;

Surrounded by the adulterated products, the following tests may help you in recognizing whether your purchased honey can be termed as the ‘best honey’ or not:

  1. The Thumb Test: Organic honey is relatively thick while impure honey is runny. Pour honey on your thumb and check if it spreads like any other liquid or not. Herbal honey doesn’t drip away. Although, the taste may also linger owing to the added sugar.
  2. The Water Test: Take a glass full of water and put a teaspoon of honey into it. If it completely dissolves, then it is not the natural honey you desire as the pure honey settles at the bottom of the glass in lumps. Blotting paper or white cloth has a similar observation. Herbal honey, when poured on both, would not leave stains or get absorbed.
  3. The Flame Test: You may not know but herbal honey is inflammable in nature. This test should be performed with utmost care. Dip a matchstick into the honey and strike it against the matchbox. If it lights, the bottle you are holding is of absolutely pure honey. But if it doesn’t, the honey is adulterated.
  4. Vinegar Test: Add 2-3 drops of vinegar essence in the mixture of honey and water.  Your dream of herbal honey has high chances of getting shattered if this mixture foams up.
  5. Heat Test:  Natural honey caramelizes quickly when heated. On the other hand, the impure honey may become foamy or bubbly when heated.
  6. Examining Physical Properties: Some differences can be witnessed with the naked eye too. Pure honey has a unique aroma. It has a soft texture and trickles only into a stream. Natural honey is dense and does not get separated into layers. When consumed, the natural one gives a burning sensation or slight tingling feeling in the throat.

Why Patanjali Honey?

Patanjali is not an unfamiliar brand when the talks are related to organic and natural products. And there are no reasons to avoid the purest form of honey in your kitchen. The lowest price along with its superiority over other products in terms of purity is its USP. It is a good blood purifier with anti-septic quality. It is an effective product in reducing body weight and functions as an excellent antioxidant. It acts as an instantaneous energizer and is very handy in curing bed wetting disorders.

This organic honey in India is just a click away from your site. You just have to pick up your phone and visit the Patanjali website to order the pure honey online. The quality packaging and the purest form would definitely induce you to avail the plethora of benefits.

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