Top 5 Essential Gloving Tricks

Posted by Susan California on June 1st, 2019


LED Gloving is an exceptional source of entertainment and it is an art form, which expresses creativity, self-expression, etc. The process is actually connecting the Glover with the music surrounding them. It takes time to get used to gloving and it is all about practices. Anyone can be in this exciting source of arts performing and practice moves anywhere. So, before you get started, make sure you have got the right gloves for you. To make the best out of it, some essential tricks would be helpful for you.

Generally, gloving is a great combination of dexterity of hands and incorporating lights. Through the moves, the Glovers try to convey a story to the audiences. And it is called the light show. The background music helps to get the Glover a rhythm to express more of it. Gloving tricks should be utilized with the time and right action so that it exposes a good vibe overall.

Stacking: This move is done by laying one hand out in the front part with your palm facing down straight. The other hand will be placed in the exact same position but it should be on top of the other hand. Then you will simply layer on top of the other part back and forth.

Figure 8s: This is the motion of tracing the number 8 in front of you. But you need to follow the hand in a fluid motion.

Liquid: This is generally a dance movement followed by fluid-like motions. Liquid motion is done by making a motion of your hands that seems like flow in a wave.

Finger Tut: In finger tut motion, the Glovers apply their knowledge of the grid to move their hands. Each point they hit creates a different shape of a box.

Finger Rolls/Waves: A finger roll/wave is a continuous motion of opening and closing your hands rhythmically. This motion usually starts on one side of the hand and ends on the other. You can keep a finger roll forwarding the first finger, which was extended to the closed-hand position. You will then repeat the same position followed by the same rhythmic motion. You need to do the entire process by facing your palms down.

Moreover, you need to learn the basics of gloving tricks to become like a pro. Once you get to learn the basics, you will find your own creative ways to implement during the show.

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