Five Reasons Why You Need to Play Overwatch

Posted by basshopper on June 2nd, 2019

Have to admit that the popularity of the Overwatch game has resulted in the MMOFPS game boom coming back to boom again All of them must give credit to Blizzard, who created the game to meet the gamers around the world. And wining with the game World of Warcraft and Hearthstone until now, with the player base surpassed 25 million users worldwide and is believed to have played the game Overwatch since the opening of the first test. Or open for free in the short term And decide whether they like it or not before making a purchase But in most cases, the payment of the bag without hesitation is therefore five reasons why you should play the Overwatch game.

Shooting game that doesn't focus on score (KILL)
Overwatch is an online shooting game that is designed for all players in the team to help each other. From the concept that does not want to emphasize the score, KILL is more than winning and always winning, but it requires cooperation with teammates to be important and to accomplish the mission. For example When you damage another enemy The statistics are still counted until the enemy dies, including the score. No matter how many characters you die, it is not important. But helping teammates is the best record to be recorded.

Master Overwatch

The competition in 1 match takes less than 20 minutes
Easy access to the game. It takes a long time to compete. It is another highlight of the Overwatch game. Character design is consistent with the competitive environment that emphasizes flair, speed and agility. Normally, it takes less than 20 minutes to play per match. But if the two teams are close together, another story! Which is different from the typical MMOFPS game that takes a long time not less than 30 - 60 minutes. In addition, Overwatch also supports cross-zone play system. Goodbye to each country in order to make it easier to find a play room.

The story invites followers
If you are a follower of Blizzard, whether in World of Warcraft or Diablo 3, the story of the game will be broadcast through Cinematic Trailer, like a short movie with a story to follow. Like the Overwatch game, which has launched a trailer in the form of an animated cartoon that presents the story of the origin of the battle. And every character has their own background story It is unlikely that in the future there may be a movie like Warcraft.

PC specification, not gods, can play
From the beginning of the Overwatch game development project, I believe Blizzard should consider and focus on these problems. Because people playing games around the world have different PC specifications depending on their status. Some specs are also pleased. But for many people, may be worried about whether or not to buy or not. But don't worry because the Overwatch game is designed for the computer. The specification is not high and can be played comfortably. Adjust the unit to adjust to play smoothly without interruption, but the picture is still beautiful as before.

Cheat came flat, no exception.
Is normal when Online games that many players have problems As always, for the Overwatch game, since the official launch, the problem has always been a headache from the users of the program, helping to cheat the competition until it affects every other player. Grass, but at least Blizzard Did not rest Heavy, full, flat, not raised, no exception. Found another flat until no one dared to use Because the price of this game is not cheap, starting at 1,450 baht. Many people may see it expensive. But if carefully considered, it is equal to help screen people playing quality levels well.

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