"World of Warcraft Classic" allows more than 150,000 viewers to experience the c

Posted by xiayumin on June 3rd, 2019

"World of Warcraft Classic" is currently in beta, and only a fixed number of players have a chance to test the major version of the game. But there are players who are clamoring to try their young hunters and warlocks. I can understand why they can't wait, because this is the charm of classics.

On Friday, World of Warcraft can experience more than 165,000 viewers, as many streaming media have played classic versions. There is only a new expansion like the Battle of Azeroth, otherwise such a huge number is rare before the new version.

A large number of content creators have made WoW Classic the best in the rankings. Sodapoppin was one of mmoah the earliest Justin.tv (the predecessor of Twitch) and won the WoW Classic. I have to admit that she has given a lot of help to WOW Classic. Let his fans also see the wonderful side of WOW Classic.

Other pop stars like LIRIK and Esfand have joined the league or the tribe, and they are experimenting with classic betas. Obviously, the content creator has achieved great success, and when he and his fans watched the classics, he let many players see the fascinating part.
Those who grew up like me also liked it. Almost all of WOW Classic Boosting my childhood was spent on "The City of Heroes" rather than "World of Warcraft." I also had similar excitement when I learned that I could play in Atlas Park again. It can bring me the best memories of childhood, although this feeling is very short for me, but the Warcraft-like streamers can experience different. This is just the beginning of the classic World of Warcraft.

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