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Posted by kunal on June 3rd, 2019

He's one of a kind! It took a long time for you to find him, and now that he's asked and you've Rockerring harley style said yes, all that's left is to plan the big day and select a ring.

He's already told you he's not into yellow gold rings, and the other top choices like platinum and white gold are a little out of your league. You've mentioned titanium, and he agreed, but then you regretted mentioning it when you thought about the rings you'd seen that looked ...well...cheap and basic...and rather chunky...not at all the space-age chic that you know HE has in mind for your titanium wedding rings.

Basic choices - wedding rings for men:

* Polished titanium rings that look a lot like platinum if you're not a jeweler.

* Frosted or brushed rings can be similar to silver, which is a little lighter and whiter.

* Titanium men rings come in dark grey and black also. Select wisely because the blackening should be more than superficial.

* Titanium wedding rings with gems or jewels. To keep the cost down, go with a few cubic zirconias. They add sparkle, come in unique settings, and are affordable when used with titanium.

* Titanium rings with overlaid or embedded metals such as platinum or gold make a big difference to the basic titanium wedding band. Some men's rings are especially unusual because the craftsmanship of the jeweler makes them artworks without needing gems or extra sparkle.

* Look for smaller jewelers and designers online...many in Australia and England, but they ship their unique titanium ring creations internationally. For this, you may need to budget a little more than if you buy a commercial product that has been manufactured, but if UNIQUE is what you're after titanium is one of the favorite precious metals used by contemporary designers.

* Try to select aircraft grade titanium alloy rings. It's not only modern by design but also stronger than steel, resistant to everyday wear, unharmed by chemicals, will not readily lose its shine or shape and won't bother him even if he's allergic to other metals.

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