A Comprehensive Guide to Everquest Powerleveling

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Powerleveling is basically the act of proceeding to the levels at a fast pace. It is done with a single account with a high-level player and another account with the character that you want to powerlevel. Powerleveling is the best method of levelling and you will be able to gain many levels and AA’s in less time.

Moreover, you can get a lot of AA’s and up to very high levels by being PLed in just a matter of hours. In case you don’t have anyone to PL you, then you can also do it on other everquest accounts provided you already have a high-level character. Until level 65 along with a mercenary, you can also power level yourself.

Although you may find many classes that can powerlevel, some of them are better than others. Moreover, the classes having buffs, damage shields and heals are very good. Whereas, Druids, Shadowknights, and clerics are the best power levelling classes. 

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Although there are many ways of power levelling and here is how these actually work. So without wasting much time, let us check out the everquest power levelling guide.

  • Mercenary Powerleveling

Around the level of 65, the Mercenary is going to be really powerful in case you have a gold account. Powerleveling may be considered when you have a tank merc, as they have a huge regen and the damage will kill yellow con mobs by themselves. Well, this can also work well with many everquest accounts too.

  • Headshot Leveling

The headshot levelling can be done with Rangers, that have the Headshot AA have a chance of their Ranged Attacks to instantly kill a mob which is significantly lower than they are. As long as you keep spending AA’s in Headshot, the overall levels of mobs that you kill arise instantly.

  • Damage Shield Powerleveling

This power levelling method works best for a Bard or Druid. But with a Damage Shield Potion, any class can do power levelling. The character has to be of high level so as to get aligned with the high-level character. Another bonus is the gear with the damage shield, as damage from damage shields also count as neutral damage. So the low level can also do one point of damage to a mob and then kill the high-level character kill it with the damage shield, thereby giving you the XP. You should also be very careful not to use a too powerful shield because it will kill the mob instantly.

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