The Digital Nomad Life

Posted by Chhavi Agarwal on June 3rd, 2019

If you switch on Instagram and look for travel, you can find a bunch of digital nomads. They are always traveling and they work on the go. 

While we are definitely not digital nomads, we do travel across India and take our work along. We love the freedom that comes along with it.

Not only do you get to flexible in hours, but you also get to spend time with family, pursue hobbies and do more of whatever you like to do.

The life of "work from home" or "work from anywhere" is so amazing and i would not trade it for a thing.  

What is a Digital Nomad?

A digital nomad is someone who works remotely. They do not need to physically be present in an office space or a location all togther. 

There are two ways of doing this

First, you work with a company that allows you to be anywhere

Second, you become self-employed 

Basically, a digital nomad has the freedom to work from anywhere.

We went with the second option and started freelance writing and blogging. Now we are slowly moving to blogging full-time. 

The process of being self employed can be intimadting. You have to leave the security of a conventional job and a regular paycheck. 

You are stressed about wanting clients and being able to pay the bills until you have established an online business.

The best way to do this is starting a side hustle along with your day job and once it is established, you can think about quitting the day job. 

There are plenty of resrouces that teach you how to work from home and how to do it alonside a full time job. For example, you can read this proofread anywhere review where a stay at home dad works part-time and earn 00+a month. If you took it fulltime proofreading (like this woman did), you can earn 00+ each month quite easily.

Note: If you are intersted in proofreading, check out how to become a proofreader and platfroms to find online proofreading jobs

If you become self employed, you will also need to take care of taxes, insurance and count in the factor that you do not have paid sick leaves. There are additional expenses!  

How does our day look like?

We wake around 7 AM in the morning, finish up the chores and have breakfast. 

Between 10-12, we are answering emails, scheduling a few things out on social media, responding to social media comments etc. 

Then we take a break for lunch and resume only at 4 or 5 PM. We do a little writing then. 

There are times when we do not work the entire day and it is ok to do so. 

While it may sound glamourous, it is not. We have worked 60-100+ a week before we could tone it down to 6 or less hours a day. It takes a lot of effort before you can start enjoying the fruit of being independent and travel a lot. 

If you want to be a digital nomand, start saving up. That is the only way you can smoothen the entire process and not spend time worrying about finances. 


It is time to start working and channeling all of your free time into building a side hustle. There are so many options availble today.

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