Can Home Buyer Contact Listing Agents for a Home Showing

Posted by Ryan Samual on June 3rd, 2019

Imagine browsing real estate listings to find the best homes for sale in Brookline, MA. Just when you discover your dream home and decide to see it in person, you wonder if you should contact the listing agent directly. After all, most listings have an invitation to contact the listing agent (unless it’s listed by owners themselves).

But if you aren’t working with a real estate agent or haven’t partnered with any for your property hunt, what then? Many homebuyers get stuck at this stage of the home-buying process and chances are that you are there too.

Can you contact the listing agent directly?

Well, technically you can. However, upon contacting a listing agent, you may annoy buyer’s agents who earn their commission based on representing buyers. But no rule or law forbids you from reaching the listing agent directly.

Experts suggest homebuyers who are not actively seeking properties to buy, however, out of curiosity in order to be clear about that with the listing agent.

Do you need to sign an agreement to see the property?

Touring a home doesn’t require any document or agreement signing. However, if your listing agent asks you to sign one, make sure you thoroughly read it before signing. The chances are that it will be a disclosure about the agency, which is requisite in some local laws. Some agents may even ask you to sign an exclusivity agreement stating they represent you. Make sure you are clear about what you are signing and don’t fall into any real estate trap.

Do you need your own agent to see any property?

According to real estate experts, checking out a property doesn’t demand any representation as the listing agent is present the whole time for homeowner’s security. Just like open houses don’t require buyer’s agents, you can view any property individually.

When to consider hiring an agent?

The decision to be represented by an agent depends on buyers. However, if you are looking for the best homes for sale in Brookline, Massachusetts to buy, consider hiring an agent. Just like the listing agent represents the sellers, a buyer’s agent represents buyers, helping them get the best deal.

Wrapping it up

Though you can contact the listing agent directly, working with an experienced real estate agent has its own benefits.

If you are property hunting for a purpose other than buying, not having an agent by your side won’t hurt. But if you want to find the best homes for sale in Brookline, MA to buy, getting an agent is invaluable.

Author’s bio: The author is a blogger and this article is about listing agents.

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