4 Must- Have Features To Look For In Your Inventory Management Software

Posted by James Pike on June 3rd, 2019

As the business is expanding, small and large retailers are looking forward to streamlining their processes. From receiving to shipping and delivering various items, you need to keep track of the items that are present in your store. Gone are the days when your staff had to do all the work manually of finding an item as and when it was required. With the advances in technology, the use of e-commerce inventory management software online has been popular.

There are a few features which you should know about before you get online software for your store-

1. Identification of the in-store items

There are a lot of items which are present in the store. You would want to have ready access to information about the number of items that are in stock. An inventory management software should have a feature which enables you to identify the exact number of items that you have and the placement of all those items. There is a special tool which gives you the data about the arrangement of the items in your store.

2. Status of delivery

As a retailer, you would know that you would have to deliver the ordered items to your customers. The software should have the feature which enables you to keep a track on the time and the number of the items which are delivered. Most of the software has the features which tell you the exact location of the items being shipped. This mainly happens as all the items have a serial number which is present on them.

3. Specific details about the item

In most cases, there is a system in which you place all the items according to their categories. This can become challenging when the quantity of items is more. To solve this problem, you should have a software which has a database and details about the number of items. These details can include the information about the item, it’s weight, it’s characteristic features and more factors like that.

4. Record of the incoming items

You would get the items from a wholesaler or directly from a manufacturer. In both cases, you should be clear with the numbers and then look at the ways in which you have to manage it. An inventory management software has the option to provide you data on the number of items that you have received. When you know the type, price and the characteristics of the items, you can use different ways in which you can effectively place those items all around.

To know more about the places, visit the websites of the best e-commerce software and database providers. Gather more information about the features.

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