3 Reasons You Should Start Writing Short Stories

Posted by mtaylor0083 on June 3rd, 2019

If you are someone who loves to write, it is quite evident that you don’t mind the occasional boredom, wakeful nights, necessary solitude, and long-winded mental marathon. But there comes a time where everyone has a breaking point. When you start considering the various challenges of breaking into the writing industry, you start dreading that your blood and sweat might turn out unavailing in the end.

This is the reason for starting small with short stories essential for a fiction writing career, and the availability of best free writing software can help to alleviate the process and boost your confidence. Let’s take a look at the reasons to write short stories in details:

Discover Your Potentials

When you start writing short stories, you not only discover how good you are (of course through accepted submissions), but also you learn about the genre of fiction you’re good at, develop your writing voice, and also you improve your craft without contending with the laborious process of writing the entire novel whose chances of success are very low. It is a learning process that enables you to master your craft with more manageable tasks.

As you get your roots established in your writing career, you can move forward and try to break into higher-tier magazines to test your growth in fiction writing.

Retain Your Sanity

Writers usually begin a novel with much enthusiasm. But then as they move along, that enthusiasm starts to dwindle. Sometimes it gets such an extent that writing that novel becomes too dull to handle. At that point, only the ones who are determined and who truly loves writing will continue writing.

Completing a story is one of the most fulfilling achievements that a writer can experience. Writing a short story can offer you that fulfillment in a few days or weeks, unlike novel writing, which is one of the hardest marathons for your brain in which a writer can engage.

Also, with short stories, the probability of giving up on the way reduces, this is because the end of each story is very close, and the variables are lesser. This helps you to build the mental fitness and resilience required to contend with longer pieces.

Pay Your Bills with Short Story Writing

It might be quite hard to believe, but short stories can help you put some money in your pocket if you’re really good at writing them. Professional magazines pay about 6cents per word. This actually means that selling a 5000-word short story every month (also depending upon your creativity and productivity) can fetch you 0 a month. Of course, that much amount won’t be able to sustain you, but it will solve some problems for you.

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